The end of summer days are perfect to encourage children to DIY (Do It Yourself). The DIY philosophy is a point of view lots of famous folks have taken, and it has taken them far.

Think of Faraday, Tesla, Franklin. Long before science was an established field, thinkers and experimenters were making ground-breaking discoveries via little more than deductive reasoning and trial and error many times performed in their own homes.

But DIY isn’t just about the past, it’s also about using what you have to adapt to the times you are in. “What is the big deal about DIY, anyway, when we have so many experts in making things?” your child asks. I guess you could tell them that it i...

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In a few short weeks, we will start preparing our seeds for a new growth season. Soil is essential for growth of plants that support all life. Without major decomposes like fungi, bacteria, algae, protozoans, there would be no soil. A teaspoon of soil can contain 2 billion of these organisms, which break down detritus (the dead remains of plans and animals).

As the decomposers work, they produce carbon dioxide breaking down organic matter into proteins, fats, carbohydrates, ash. This is how essential minerals become available for plant growth and make the nutrient cycle possible, so that new life springs from the old in a continuing cycle of life and death on Earth. Prio...