I want to be able to share the place I come from, just like I would share a piece of fresh Polish bread.” 
― Sana Szewczyk, Under a Ginkgo Tree and Other Stories

Indeed, both bread and natural treasures of Poland are not easy to erase from memory. After our last summer’s explorations, we have decided that we must go back.

The Summer of 2019 trip will be filled with art, music, sightseeing and outdoor adventures. Among highlights are the visits to the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (the largest castle in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the picturesque old town and port of historic Gdansk. When outside of the cities, we will kayak down Krutynia Riv...

Earlier this month, we took a team of Cuban and American children and young adults to Poland. The Poland project was our first international project. It was also a part of our mission to expand education beyond the classroom walls and rethink the learning framework to raise responsible citizens who will feel confident and adequate to stand up and represent the rights of our Planet, Nature and ecosystems.

During our 10-day adventure, we traversed rich territories of Poland’s Tatry mountains, caves and salt mines, immersed in the rhythms of local folklore, history and languages, visited Auschwitz, the cities of Warsaw and Cracow, historical monuments and castles. We have m...

In September, New Jersey lawmakers have backed off on a plan to regulate beekeeping in the state, only to resubmit the Revised Proposed Rules again last month.

The law, if adopted, will favor migratory commercial beekeepers and beekeepers serving production agriculture, at the expense of small, backyard and citizen beekeepers.

Here is the synopsis of some of the material changes included in the proposed rules:

  • Residential lots of less than a one-quarter acre would be prevented from maintaining a beehive, unless the hives on these properties were installed before July 31, 2015, in which case a waiver would need to be filed;

  • Residential lots of one-quarter acre to l...

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