February 13, 2018

The goal is to analyze products that we use and consume in our everyday life for biodegradability, and devise ways of conserving by working within the nutrient cycle.

Ask children to collect various used products and materials around home that have outlived their original uses and are intended to be thrown away, both biodegradable and non-biodegradable items (plastic bags,  tin cans, Styrofoam cups, paper bags, cotton rags, fruit peels).   Discuss the importance of using only what we need, and review the process of decomposition as we discussed previously.  Any material that can be decomposed by fungi and bacteria is called biodegradable

Go over what has be...

Two important things we can give to our children: 1. A love for books. 2. A love for nature. We found a way to combine both.

It is a quiet wintery evening and my family is enjoying some much needed downtime. Painting, reading and snoozing are taking place here and there around the house.  I find moments like these away from scheduled activities and errands invaluable, as they allow us to unwind from the pressure of daily routines and to catch up on conversations. At times, nothing special happens on the surface, and we simply enjoy the tranquility and cuddles. Other times, unexpected things come up.


Today, my 5-year old is painting. On her paper is a gray silhouette with red overtones that looks like a woman. She explains that the woman is her grandmother (whom she never met). My daughter is...

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