NFL gave me the ability and courage to speak in front of larger audiences. But it also afforded me the chance to read different styles of communication.

I have always been an avid animal lover. In my life, animals that had just met me would often come to me without promoting and stay by my side. It seemed that they always just saw me... Two years ago I began to truly pay attention to the things I was feeling and seeing and hearing - I began my awakening in a spiritual sense. This lead me back to the animals. I began to hone my skills at communication and reading the recurring signs that they give.

Currently, I run a dog treat business and work freelance as a social media marketer. My partner and I spend as much time as humanly possible with our two dogs, Finn and Dre. I love helping others get a handle on their home situation with their pets - and giving as many pets as possible a real voice so communication can ensue.

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