Mike Forcia
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Mike Forcia is a member of the Bad River Anishinabe from Bad River WI. Mike has been chairman of AIM Twin Cities since 9/10/11. He’s been married 39 years, has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. Mike has spent several decades in service to the minneapolis Indian community. He has sat on several nonprofit boards such as the Minneapolis American Indian Center, Heart of the Earth school, American Indian AIOIC as well as director of the American Indian council for education. Mike has owned and ran his own businesses such as the Donut Connection, Wolves Den cafe and the Wolves Den restaurant. Mike has spent his adult life taking care of the homeless native population by serving free meals every Sunday for years, doing AIM patrol and looking out for our relatives on the streets. Mike has currently been released from probation for organizing and carrying out the toppling of the Columbus statue on the grounds of the Minnesota state capitol.