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In May, 2020, Antinanco Earth Arts School and PAZA, Tree of Life, two grassroots non-profit organizations joined forces to raise immediate funds for Native American Communities as the COVID-19 pandemic became a serious threat. The campaign commenced with a private donation of $10,000 from Taubert Memorial Foundation to assist the Crow Creek, Lower Brule and Cheyenne River Sioux communities in South Dakota with immediate critical aid to cope with the pandemic. In less than 3 months, it grew to over $100,000 in monetary and in-kind donations from 150 organizational and individual supporters, allowing us to expand the reach of the Native COVID-19 Response to 12 communities across 5 states.  

Our goal is to assist the Native Peoples during these difficult times, create public awareness about what is happening with the Native Nations, and to let them know that we are eager to help.

“Our Native brothers and sisters living on the reservations are part of the high-risk population who are in immediate danger from the coronavirus, “commented Delwin Fiddler, an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and Executive Director of PAZA, Tree of Life, a non-profit dedicated to the revival and preservation of Native American culture.  “Due to the reservations’ poor living conditions, remote proximity to medical facilities, limited food, and scarce medical and preventative resources, the health of our people, especially our elders and children, is at enormous risk of infection and possible death.”


Some of the aid provided to date:

- over 7,800lb of nutritious foods, heirloom seeds, herbal remedies, supplements, cleaning solutions, protective equipment, hygiene items, diapers, clothes, wipes, formula went to Native American communities in AZ, ND, SD, NM, UT and WA.

- over $20,000 of monetary donations went to help the communities with housing costs,  gas, transportation vouchers, telemedicine initiatives and tools, traditional herbal and western remedies, portable washing stations and associated logistics.

- water barrels and pumps went to the Navajo and Hopi tribes who face a more critical situation with 30% of the population not having access to running water. 


The effort is still running strong!  

Water is Life Campaign


Note: The above donation link may not work via mobile device. Please send donations to our Paypal info@antinanco.org, noting "Native COVID19 Response," or through FB fundraiser 

In-Kind Donations Raised:


Taubert Memorial Foundation

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Native COVID-19 Response Video Stories

Impact in Pictures

My heart is overflowing with love and awe and inspiration over how this effort has grown from the seed of an idea. A need that had to be met spoke to hearts that listened and responded, and they gathered more hearts, and more people responded to the call to action in whatever way their skill and life allowed. And the flow of love to communities in need grew exponentially and hasn’t stopped. This is regenerating hearts and communities. This is one of many ways people are changing the world in beautiful ways today.” 


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