Neurographica - Web-Series for Kids 

What Will My Child Learn?

(parents are welcome to participate along!) 

  • Expand Creative Drive

  • Find New Means of Relaxation and to Unwind

  • Improve Concentration and Focus

  • Learn How to Deal with Stress in Fun and Creative Manner

  • Explore Potential Inner Resources to Deal with Challenges 

  • Build Self-Esteem and Confidence 

  • Learn Benefits that Creative Art Brings to Emotional and Physical Wellbeing

  • Recommended Age 7+.

  • Adults are welcome to participate along.

  • Registration is for Live or Recorded Sessions

  • Live Classes will be held on Oct 11th, 18th and 25th, 6-7:30pm.

  • Recorded Classes Include Live Online Support and Teacher's Feedback

  • Select a 3-class option (20% discount), or a 1 class option.

  • If you register for one or two classes, Class 1 is the pre-requisite and must be purchased (live or recorded) with Class 2 and/or Class 3

 * When registering, select the applicable time slot on the side/bottom of the screen,after selecting the date for the registration to go through

Description of Classes

If you have a group of 6+ children and would like a private class or a specific topic, we will be happy to provide you with a private class and group discount. Email us at with inquiries


In these 3-class series, we will be exploring a new artistic realm by practicing drawing basic elements and creating actual objects with the goal of acquiring basic skills for all future workshops. Then we will move to a creative project such as exploration of inner resources and putting them on paper. In the process, we will work on developing new skills for improved visualization, creativity and drawing skills.


We will learn how to use neurographica skills to improve our focus, handle stress, and relax. During the last class, we will conclude with a special technique called Neuroportrait where we will draw our festival costumes on top of our photo portraits. All projects are interactive, fun and artistically delightful.

Class 1

  • Basic Skills and Creative Project “Draw Your Garden." We will practice the basic skills and add a twist of the division of Neurographica called Neuroart.   

Class 2

  • Connecting with Inner Resources. (Prerequisite: Class 1).  We will continue exploration of Neurographica's modality called Neurographica of Communication. We will learn to recognize our own resources, support that we have and apply them to the paper using basic algorithm learned in the "Apple picking class"  

Class 3

  • "Create Your Festival Costume". (Prerequisite: Class 1) .  This will be a creative and fun project where we will be working with the print out of a child's picture in grey scale - can be a full body picture or just the upper part of the body. We will be drawing a costume on top of the picture. Kids will decide for themselves what costume they would like to apply on their pictures.  The teacher will be drawing with along with children so children can follow the algorithm.


Neurographica is the unique and highly effective method for developing mind/body connection thru drawing in a very special way. The reason this method is called neuro-graphica is because it connects art, psychology and philosophy together for creating new neuroconnections and activating the old ones for self-discovery and transformation. The method allows to work thru life challenges, model new projects, connect with helpful inner resources and create a new reality filled with joy, excitement and inspiration.



  • No Prior Experience of Knowledge is Required

  • Recommended Age 7+. All Abilities are Welcome

  • Imagination, Open Mind, Drawing Pad, Crayons, Pencils and Markers 

  • For Classes 2 and/or 3, Class 1 is a pre-requisite.



Margarita Schwartzman, a certified Neurographica Instructor. Margarita is a President of Amarna Neuroart School for Adults and Kids.  To learn more about her work, visit her Website,  or Facebook Page.  


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