Traditional Dreamcatcher Making and Stories

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We will be weaving Native American dreamcatchers with willow, beads, feathers, pebbles and shells, and adorning them with our objects of power. We will also share stories and songs while at it. Children under 8 are welcome to join with an older person's assistance.

In the native traditions, the circle represents the unbroken wholeness from which we draw our power and strength. Within the circle, we have the ability to connect to each other and to Mother Earth. The Dreamcatcher represents the Web of Life, and it is a powerful protective allay.

Materials will be provided. You are wlecome to bring your personal items, such as feathers, beads, ties and crystals, to adorn your dreamcatcher.

Family/siblings/friends discounts and sliding scale are available, inquire at

PRESENTERS: Delwin Fiddler, Jr. Delwin is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Sans Arc band, and a world renowned Native American performing artist. Delwin's Lakota name is Hehakapa Mahto (Elk Bear). He is third generation grandson of the Elk Head Red Hair (Hehakapa Pahinsa) who was the historical Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe. Delwin is a Founder and Executive Director of PAZA, Tree of Life.

Maria Ragonese is an adopted member of the Sans Arc Band of the Lakota Sioux, and Director of Administration and Program Development for PAZA, Tree of Life. She holds multiple certifications in hospice and crisis counseling and uses her advocacy skills toward the revival of Native American Culture to restore healing and balance to Mother Earth and to all nations.

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