Working with White Pine

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In this class we will learn how to pick White Pine pollen and turn it into medicine and will extract essential oil from white pine through the process of steam distillation using Copper Alembic Still distillation apparatus. This class is about 5 hours long.

We will learn about medicinal properties of White Pine and about the chemistry and safety of essential oils, which are secondary metabolites of the plant (or in the most basic of English terms, they are a plant pee). As the essential oil market continues to grow, so do concerns about whether these highly concentrated plant extracts are safe for common use. In this class we will see first hand how the oils are made and discuss how to work with them safely and effectively. We will learn how to read a label for an essential oil and what information is important to know, including the most popular myths and where to go to see if a retail oil you have is pure or adulterated.

With Mary Pierce and Olga Sher
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