Youth Nature and Empowerment Clinics

Antinanco is committed to providing educational, safe and nourishing settings beyond the classroom walls for children and teenagers to develop a sense of community and connectedness, and master the skills of communication and dialogue for confidence, personal growth, emotional intelligence, strong communication skills and ability to deal with obstacles.

Our programs are developed by experts in the areas of process psychology, hypnotherapy, herbalism, communal storytelling and folklore and include many interactive tools and exercises.  



Project “Winnebel” – self-sufficient off-grid life at sea


Winnebel is a 1979 Irwin 37-foot sailboat. She spent hfirst 30+ years with her original owners sailing the waters of the Caribbean, Chesapeake and New England. She is also a Hurricane Sandy survivor – she was lifted her off her stands and pushed onto the shore across the bay where she was removed by the insurance company and basically ‘totaled’.


Winnebel was acquired by an Antinanco family member in mid-2013, and in addition to getting her back into sailing shape, the family has set out to make her as self-sufficient as possible. She will spend most of her time away from the dock, gently rocking on the mooring of the Raritan Bay, with her systems ready for off-grid living. As part of making her self-sufficient, the following systems are to be overhauled or installed for the first time:

  • Expanded battery bank

  • Efficient lighting system

  • Solar power generation and storage

  • Rainwater storage system

  • Wind generator (if necessary)


In addition to being a great hands-on technical project, Antinanco uses Winnebel as a floating platform for our Sailing With Kids program 


Traveling Clinic


Antininanco offers classes at diverse locations and provides exploratory and traveling programs. We have transformed an older style pop-up camper into a true off-grid mobile platform with solar panels and rain-water collection system that we use to offer traveling classes and clinics outside of our home base. Click Here for More Information.  


Nature Spirit Libraries


We  currently have four outdoor library houses installed and servicing children and families in NJ, NY and PA. We built these libraries together with children out of found and recycled materials. Donations of children's books are welcome and tax-deductible. They can be mailed or dropped off at 46 Seven Oaks Circle, Holmdel, NJ, or at one of our libraries. Click Here for More Information. 


Education on Clean Energy Sources


We provide education on clean energy sources, living off-the-grid, developing understanding on how to formulate needs and to set priorities, address safety issues and learn basics of electricity and solar energy.  


Some of the things we teach:
•Knowing needs and setting priorities
•Basics of electricity
•Basics of solar energy technology
•Planning the electrical needs and determining the load
•Other areas & nice to have features