Our Traveling Clinics

EarthArtsMobile Project

We have transformed an older style pop-up camper into a true off-grid mobile platform that we use to offer traveling classes and clinics outside of our home base

Off-Grid Living Workshop - Harnessing the Sun's Energy, June 2-4

Touch Mother Earth Gathering

Mount Eden Retreat

56 Mill Pond Rd, Washington, New Jersey 07882

We will learn what does living off-grid mean, and specifically how it relates to electricity. We will gain understanding on how to formulate needs and to set priorities, address safety issues and learn basics of electricity and solar energy. We will review current technologies for making the transition easier and more fun and, using our popup camper, will show you how to implement some of the technologies discussed in the workshop.

Some of the things we will learn:
•Knowing needs and setting priorities
•Basics of electricity
•Basics of solar energy technology
•Planning the electrical needs and determining the load
•Other areas & nice to have features



Candlemaking with Beeswax and Plants - June 24-25

JetLAG Festival

Peaceful Valley Campsite

486 Banker Road

Downsville, NY 13755

During this class we will be working with beeswax.  We will make sustainable candles in a jar by mixing beeswax with essential oils and plants or your choice. While the wax melts, we will sample through and learn about the properties of essential oils and plants that we will be working with.  

Gandhi Art Camp in the Forest, Emmaus, PA - July 27-30


in the woods near Emmaus, PA

directions and coordinates with registration


Bootstrap REFRESH art camp is a condensed 4 days - but you can
stay longer or shorter - your choice. 

Our staff of accomplished and brazen artists of longstanding are there for you. Our critiques are jovial and casual but surprising and resetting what you think your art can mean and be for you. We hit the REFRESH BUTTON, on your thinking of yourself as an artist. Materiality is explored with tossed and scraped and sloshed paint in a group mural such that you’ll rethink what you do with a brush. The deeper part of your brain is opened up in a drumming trance journey as a resource for your visionpainting theme and odd choices ...of surreal colors and freed hand gestures. We let the painting find itself as we go. This is Painting as Vision Quest.


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