100 % Pure beeswax candle infused with healing plants, roots, barks and oils of your choice from the below options and charged with Reiki.  


- Goldenrod Radiance Candle - the spirit of goldenrod offers soothing and fortifying properties, clears allergies and boosts Kidney Qi, the physical energy that governs the Yin. 

- Divine White Sage Candle  - well known to spiritual seekers and is used for protection, clarity, purifying and cleaning of spaces, healing, journeys, energy exchange and space holding circles, retrievals, and out of body experiences.

- Raise Those Vibes Candle - with sage, sandalwood, lavender and sweetgrass. For meaningful self-work, healing of broken hearts, raising vibrations. Designed to shoo off insomnia, stress and anxiety, and to quiet the mind. 

- Energy Booster Candle - eucalyptus, ashwagandha and frankincense. 

- Yoga and Meditation Candle - sweetgrass, myrrh, white sage. Perfect for meditation, self-reflection, yoga, shamanic journey. Helps to relax, reflect, clear negative energies, quiet the mind. 

- Tantric Candle - patchouli, ylang ylang, clove, sandalwood. 

- Birth Support - rose, lavender and chamomile. 

- No Worries Candle - with kava kava and passion flower. 


Healing Herbal Pillar of Your Choice 2x6

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