By Return to Nature


Organic Elderberry Elixir - 4 fluid oz.

Our sweet and potent Elderberry Elixir provides a delicious way to fight colds all year long.  Here at the apothecary we love to pour it over pancakes, use it as a salad dressing, mix it with different juices or add it to tea, and of course drink it right from the spoon!  We craft each batch by hand, combining elderberries, raw local honey, raw apple cider vinegar, and the purest water we can find. All of the ingredients we work with are certified organic and made with the most ethically sourced and local ingredients available. 


Organic Dark Chocolate - Net Volume 4 oz.

Our rich and amazingly delicious chocolate is made in small batches with the highest quality organic coconut oil, raw cacao and local raw honey sourced directly from our beekeeper.  We love to eat it right out of the jar, pair it with fruit and nuts for a fulfilling snack, or use it as a decadent spread.

Organic Tea Blend ~ Heal Well ~ - Net Weight 8 oz.


Organic Tea Blend ~ Heal Well ~ - Net Weight 8 oz.

Our Heal Well Tea is the perfect ally to have by your side throughout the colder months.  This magical blend of organic elderberries, ginger, orange peels and grapefruit rind, offers a fruity and slightly spicy flavor with a hint of citrus.  This tea brews to a beautiful and delicious crimson red and provides warm immune boosting, cold fighting power.


Organic Pain Relief Salve - Net Volume 4 oz.

Using only the finest organic ingredients, our pain relief salve offers healing soothing relief to sore muscles and joints as well as superior hydration for the skin.  It provides an invigorating cooling sensation, a fresh minty fragrance and a beautiful consistency for rubbing and smoothing into problem areas.  *Not for internal use.  **Do not use on sensitive or allergic skin. 

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