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Antinanco Bee Action Pollinate Fundraiser's Mission Accomplished!

Today we ordered a scale and temperature and humidity sensors for our beehive. The scale weights and stores the hive weight data once per hour, without causing any interruption to the hive lifecycle. The temperature and humidity sensor utilizes seamlessly-integrated circuit temperature and humidity chips to monitor the brood health and heat and humidity created by the bees. All of this data is logged and stored once per hour, all year around. Then it is communicated wirelessly to a beekeeper and to the public cloud domain that can be accessed by the beekeeping community at large via Bluetooth low energy technology. That means that the data can be retrieved and analyzed at any time, allowing for early preparations for next season, minimizing unnecessary interferences with the

hive life, and analyzing the trends among neighboring colonies.

All of this was made possible due to your generous support, Friends!

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