Sonia's heart truly belongs to the forests of Lake Superior, but she is also heavily involved in leading women's empowerment groups and researching cultural history especially the history, mythology, and culture of her own ancestors, the Norse and Germanic peoples.


Sonia will be pursuing a certification in the study of the Icelandic Sagas at the end of February and is available to speak on topics of Norse culture and mythology as well as on the European witch crazes. It is Sonia's belief that the earth supports all people and by exploring our roots we can find good medicines for our own individual minds, bodies, and souls and learn more about how we can help support the earth in turn.


Her goals currently in progress are to transform her homestead (Amanita Acres) into a place of community and family learning and to establish a small herd of reindeer to help teach about their enormous cultural influence and explore the environmental impact of silvopasture in the northwoods. You can find Sonia at the Amanita Acres facebook page and at