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The World in Faces Auction


Native COVID19 Response

Assisting First Nations of  Turtle Island during the time of crisis



Dukha Woman 

Darkhad Valley, Khovsgol, Northern Mongolia 

By Alexander Khimushin 

78 x 53 inch (2 meter x 1.33 meter) extra large art quality photo portrait on aluminum alloy panel. Was featured at the United Nations Headquarters in NY during the 18th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in the Spring of 2019. 

Original. Quantity: 1 

Starting Bid: $2,000 

Valued at: $20,000 

(based on Christie's NYC Auction valuation of the Artist's works of equivalent quality in 60 x 90 cm/23.6 x 35.4')

Can't Bid But Would Like to Support the Native COVID19 Response Campaign:

Auction Rules and Terms:

The auction commences on June 24, 2020 and closes on July 9th at at 12:01am est. No bids will be accepted after the closing date. This is a silent auction. Your bid, once submitted, will not be publicly disclosed. The starting bid is $2,000. If you are outbid, you will be notified by email and will have a chance to submit a higher bid before the end of the auction. The winning bidder will be notified by email upon the end of the auction.


All sales are final. The auction item value listed is an estimate of fair market value. The amount you pay above the fair market value is tax deductible as a charitable contribution.


Payment must be made in full within 24 hours of the end of the auction. The following forms of payment are accepted: cash, MasterCard, Visa, check, PayPal, wire transfer. Each person bidding assumes all risks and hazards related to the auction and items obtained at the auction. Each bidder agrees to hold harmless from any liability arising indirectly from Antinanco Earth Arts School and World in Faces, their elected and appointed officials, members and employees, the auctioneer(s), the auction company and its agents and employees, the event organizers, sponsors, and/or volunteers connected with the auction.

The shipping fee and shipping insurance are the responsibility of the winning bidder and must be paid separately. The portrait will be shipped using preferred shipping method of the winning bidder within two weeks of the end of the auction. The portrait will be shipped from Holmdel, NJ. Local pick up is available. The portrait is 2 x 1.33 meter in size and approx 25kg in weight (with packaging). Non-standard shipping fees may apply. 

About the Portrait:

The portrait was featured at the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan in Spring 2019 as part of 30-piece giant collection, keynoting the 18th Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. The portrait is of Dukha woman from Darkhad Valley, Khovsgol, Northern Mongolia. The Dukha people live in one of the most remote and inaccessible Mongolian taiga forests bordering the Tyva Republic in Siberia. They are the only indigenous reindeer herders of Mongolia. Ulzii Sandag, 80, is one of only 282 Dukha people. She has 14 children, more than 60 grandchildren and a large number of great grandchildren that she could not recall. It can be said that Ulzii is the progenitor of more than half of the Dukha people. In Ulzii's opinion the most important trait of a human character is humanity. "I wish all people of the world to live in peace and humanity!"

About the Project:

The World in Faces is a project about peace and love. Its mission is to document, via artistic photographic portraits, people of all ethnicities of the world in traditional clothing and surroundings. To create a diverse, amazing, vivid collection of portraits of the people of all incredible ethnic groups living on this planet. To visit its remote corners, where authenticity, culture and traditional lifestyle are still alive. There are more than 10,000 different ethnicities in the world and every one of them is unique and deserves the same respect and recognition as all the others. Click Here to Learn More about the Project.  

About the Photography Artist:

Born in Siberia, Alexander Khimushin is a world citizen and photography artist. He has dedicated the last several years to working on his World in Faces photo project, visiting remote communities of Indigenous Peoples around the world. Documenting these Indigenous Peoples and sharing their traditions and culture to the world through photography is Alexander's passion. The series has been featured in the media in more than 60 countries (National Geographic, Conde Nast, GEO, Daily Mail, Telegraph, Spiegel, CNN, Xinhua, Arab News, RT etc) creating greater exposure and dialogue around Indigenous Rights and Peoples. 

About the Native COVID19 Response Campaign:

The Native COVID19 Response campaign is a grassroots-based effort to raise immediate funds to help Native American Communities to cope with challenges caused by the COVID19 pandemic. The campaign creates public awareness about what is happening with First Nations of the Turtle Island. All auction proceeds will go to benefit the Native COVID19 Response. To learn more about the Campaign, Click Here

With Any Questions: 

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