Tao Bliss on Land and at Sea
Couples' Retreat • St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, May 10th-24th, 2019 

Our Program will focus on bringing balance and deeper meaning to the relationship with your loved one through practices, exercises, journeys and fun experiences. We will be staying at an idyllic villa surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking the waters of Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and on a private catamaran, Alladora. Both will be serviced by a team of teachers, coordinators, hospitality, cooking and sailing crew.

Why Go:

To Rekindle the Love and Passion at Play 
To Gaze into the Deep Soul of Your Partner 
To Engage New Layers in the Relationship 
For Individual and Couples' Healing to Clear The Door To Be Present 
To Enjoy Sacred Time with Your Beloved in Land and Sea Paradise 
To Experience the High Seas in Bliss

Romantic Sunset




Airport pick up and drop off 
14 days and 13 nights in double occupancy private rooms 
3 delicious vegetarian meals a day, all served by our cooking crew, except: 
   • First dinner will be prepared by all of us communally as a bonding experience  
   • Last dinner will be at a local restaurant and celebrated as a closing ceremony 
Daily practices, exercises and workshops at the villa (including on the open decks for outdoor practices) and on the boat 

All program parts are optional, interchangeable, adjustable. This program offers many diverse but interconnected components. If something does not resonate, if you need more down time, or more intensity - we will adjust to your needs.

Two days of sailing on a private catamaran around St. Thomas and St. John Islands 

Watersports while on the boat (we have kayaks and sups) 
Snorkeling and swimming with fish and sea turtles over a coral reef in a hidden harbor (all equipment provided). 
Vision quests on an uninhibited uninhabited island

Tango Lessons  

Guided and unstructured tours to explore natural treasures, local culture and heritage of the Virgin Islands 
Free time to enjoy the beaches and nightlife of St. Thomas and St. John Islands 



$5,500 per person

Includes meals, lodging, activities, in-country transfers. *airfare is not included

Early Enrollment Discount: $150  

Floating Hearts


Application process opens on 2/1/19.  

Early Enrollment Discount applies if submitted before 3/1/19. 

Interviews are conducted in March and April of 2019.

Click here to apply

Couple Laughing


First tuition payment of $2,700 is due by March 15th.  The remaining tuition balance of $2,800 is due by May 1, 2019.  Tuition payments are not refundable after April 15th,  2019

Participants are responsible to obtain trip cancellation and medical travel insurance prior to the trip.

Program Topics and Methodologies

Daily yoga asana practice
Guided meditations in big group and in couples, including: 
Osho’s Dynamic Meditations to assist with embodiment and processing of emotions, releasing tensions, energy transformation from negative and contracting into positive with fluid, entering clarity and union with the inner self 
Atisha’s meditations transforming suffering at any level into love 
Meditations working with trust, boundaries and consent 
Fun meditations on loosing limiting identities to enter a new state of consciousness 
Full body orgasm meditations

Tango Lessons for improvising intimacy, coupling on the go, learning the flow and communication of the bodies
Journeying with our power animals and those of our partners to see how they conjugate
Male and Female circles to reach archetypal sexual heroism  
Finding the source of intimacy through shamanic journeying to the top of our respective mountains 
Tantra Bodywork – a sequence stimulating energy points and zones, as a deepening connection foreplay 
Tantric bliss journey – uniting two spirits in Spirit; what is sex in the spirit world of highest consciousness? 
Shaman Weddings – to reposition ourselves within our relationship to achieve agency, autonomy, integrity
Yantra-based rituals of integration of feminine and masculine aspects creating a sacred union of a couple 
Sharing and manifesting our most radical bucket wishes 
Framing our dream journeys and speaking the unspeakable
Improvisation  theater party, truth or dare 

Our Team

Urszula Abolik, Program Director 

Urszula is a pedagogist, art navigator, mindfulness teacher, shamanic healer, explorer, and a dedicated mother and friend. Urszula is an active participant and supporter of the international tango community. Urszula has organized many international and domestic programs focusing on arts, mindfulness, education and healing arts, including Shamandome at Burningman,  Burningwoman in Emmaus, PA, Antinanco Earth Arts programs, and art and culture programs in Havana, Cuba.  She is also the owner of Amber Connection in Emmaus, PA.  


Barnaby Ruhe, Teacher/Facilitator 

Barnaby is an American artist, academic and six-time world champion boomeranger. As an artist, Ruhe, a professor at New York University, Gallatin school of individualized study, is best known for his painting marathons, otherwise known as endurance feats. 

Barnaby holds doctorate degree in shamanism and art practice, an interdisciplinary effort combining psychology, anthropology, art history, phenomenology, and art studio action. He was senior editor of Art/World newspaper in the 1980s and 90s and wrote the first New York City reviews for Francesco Clemente and the Starn Twins, as well as essays on Francisco de Goya, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, and Joseph Beuys.


Ruhe currently serves on the board of Artists Talk on Art. A romantic artist at Abstract Expressionism and

Portrait and Figure and TextArt, he incorporates sentiment, gesture, and psychic journeying in his paintings, and he runs shaman healing workshops at Shamandome Camp at the Burning Man festival each summer.


Marina and Eugene Chertkov, Teachers/Facilitators

Marina became deeply connected with “something inside” rather than “what an eye can see” through the pregnancy and birth of her first child. This experience brought her to her first meditation practice at Raja and Buddhi Yoga Center in Moscow, Russia, 25 years ago. Since then she traveled the world and continued to acquire knowledge of spiritual traditions originating from ancient India, China and Mexico.


Marina is a registered 200-RYT yoga teacher, Universal Healing Tao instructor  and energy healing practitioner with certification in Chi Nei Tsang, Tao Mystic Bodywork, Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Bodywork and Self-Healing Journey. She has studied with Vladimir Antonov, Carlos Castaneda, Mantak Chia, Ma Ananda Sarita, Faeq Biria, Brandon Bays and other amazing teachers in the US and abroad.


Marina is currently teaching Raja and Budhi yoga at local studios in NJ and offering private sessions and workshops in self healing, energy harmonization, women and couples empowering. To learn more about Marina's work, please visit www.marinachertkov.com/

Eugene started his spiritual journey at the age of 15 when it became clear to him that he has a heightened sensitivity to perceive people as multidimensional beings composed not only of matter, but energy substance as well. He studied in depth Thai Chi, the practice of Smart Prayer from Eastern Orthodox Church tradition of Hesychasm, Raja and Buddhi Yoga and graduated with a Registered Nurse Practitioner certificate and Masters degree in Psychology.


He recently added certifications in Chi Nei Tsang, Tao Mystic Bodywork, Kashmiri Shiva-Shakti Bodywork and Self-Healing Journey to his toolbox. Eugene runs over 20 years of experience in group self improvement training as well as private sessions with individuals and couples. 

Our Virgin Island Recommendations

This Program is offered by Atlantic Voyager, LLC and operated by Antinanco Earth Arts School