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Joseph Arnold Resch

Managing Director

Father, Organic Gardener, Nursery Manager, Horticulturist, and Life-long Naturalist


Joseph has worked in the plant industry for over ten years: working at a farm, landscaping, managing a garden center and most recently a retail nursery. He also has over ten years of retail management experience. The most rewarding thing for him, however, is helping people to connect with Nature, and he draws on a lifetime of experience for that. From the age of five he has been caring for plants and gardening,  has been an avid hiker for 26 years with an affinity for winter mountaineering, and is currently studying Permaculture and Indigenous agriculture with the intent of finding natural solutions for our ecological challenges. His love for the Forest was cultivated from many years of learning ethical hunting and fishing from his father. 


Joseph has served a term as Secretary for Columcille Megalith Park's board of directors and is currently the project leader for their Forest, Flora, and Fauna Committee as well as an advisory board member. He also leads Antinanco's effort to help the functionally-extinct American Chestnut tree as Project Coordinator, as well as guides hikes and plant workshops.  The most rewarding thing of all for Joe is spending time with his daughter, Serenity. His dream is to help bring humankind and Nature back to a peaceful, loving, and mutually beneficial relationship.



Adult/Child/Infant CPR, First Aid, & AED

Wilderness First Aid

Urszula Abolik

Director of International Outreach and Public Relationships

Urszula received her BA degree in elementary education and pedagogy at Teachers Training College in Radom and University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce, and also studied elementary education at Cedar Crest College. Pedagogist, art navigator, she is the owner of Amber Connection in Emmaus, PA,  a shamanic healer and explorer, and a dedicated mother and friend. Changing community through art is her aim. 

Olga Chechina

Youth Programs Director

Olga Chechina, BA in Developmental Psychology, over 10 years of experience teaching students of various ages.  Olga is inspired by the Emilio Reggio teaching philosophy along with Lori Pickert’s Project-Based Learning approach. Her goal is to help children develop their imagination and creativity in the environment that supports self-directed project -based learning.

Olga had founded Kidbilt in 2014 – a woodworking program for kids of all ages.  Since then she has worked within pubic and charter schools teaching kids how to use the woodworking tools safely to build meaningful projects out of wood.  She is fortunate to meet many students in her classes. She has worked with students who have developmental disabilities and work better with their hands rather than sitting still in a classroom.  Many of her students come from low socio-economic backgrounds and don’t have access to many programs such as these.  In the course of the years of running the woodworking program in Jersey City’s public schools, Olga noticed that many more girls begin to sign up for this hands on program and want to learn how to use tools to build.  The woodworking program is designed to build confidence, develop engineering thinking and learn through doing.  Kids work collaboratively to build real life projects such as tool boxes, chairs, step stools and bird feeders. 

Jacob Neary

International and Nature Guide

Jacob is an explorer who loves to travel the world and experience different cultures through connecting with the land and the people. He loves hiking, rock climbing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and other Adventure sports.

Jacob loves to share the wonders of the natural world with other people. He has been teaching survival skills classes to young teens and is also involved as a guide for domestic and international programs with Antinanco Earth Arts School. He believes it is extremely important to teach kids about the importance of the earth, so that they can learn to be caretakers of our planet.


Adult/Child/Infant CPR, First Aid, & AED

Wilderness First Aid

Anoush Mardjanian

Children Programs - Creative Projects

Anoush is an adventurous naturalist whose interest in woodworking, wood/bone carving, wood-burning, wool-spinning/feling, fermentation, science, drumming, belly dancing, herbalism, writing and paleoethnobiology has lead her to carve the uncarvable, spin the unspinnable, dye the undyable and keep mastering her wide spectrum of skills as part of her everyday life. From wood and raw wool to finished garments and utensils, silkworm growing and harvesting, bone collection and processing, healthy living and urban homesteading, her restless curiosity has taken her on many adventures. An accomplished spindle maker, wood carver and wool-felter, she has done demos all throughout New York, among them Queens Zoo, Queens Farm Museum, Union Square Urban Homesteading Fest, Maker Faire in 2013, NYC. Spanning three continents, life took her from Kiev to Moscow to Yerevan and then to the US in 1990. Today, Anoush's life closely resembles Gerald Durell's My Family and Other Animals, her role model since childhood, in other words, a combination of a natural history museum, a workshop and a zoo.

Dina Divine

Mindfullness Programs for Children

Dina Divine (Turetsky) is a Multicultural Artist, Dance of Liberation Facilitator, Shamanic Healer, Freelance Photographer, and a Conscious New Mom. She is the Founder and Chief Editor of BeLightLiving.com. You can check out her photography at dinadivine. For Dance of Liberation classes in NYC, check out danceofliberation.com

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Board Members

Olga Sher

Board Member

Olga Sher is a 2003 magna cum laude graduate of New York Law School, where she was a member of the New York School Law Review. Olga serves as Associate General Counsel for a New Jersey-based company specializing in financial products. Olga co-curates Nature Spirit Libraries Community Project, building free outdoor libraries for public parks.


Olga lives in Holmdel with her husband and their two children.  She is actively involved in charitable educational incentives and experiential community classes for children and adults.

Licenses and Certifications: JD, admitted to practice in NJ and NY, HIPAA Privacy and Security Expert, Certified Archery Instructor, CPR, First Aid.

Mariana Bernstein

Board Member

Mariana Bernstein has always been passionate about education and innovative methods of bringing knowledge to people of different ages.


Throughout her career, she has worked with kids and adults from different socioeconomic backgrounds and created curricula for school programs and corporate training initiatives. In conjunction with faculty, she designed and developed one of the first online master's degree programs for health care delivery leadership and led a few summer camp initiatives for kids. Mariana strives to understand the psychology and physiology of the process of learning new concepts and acquiring new skills. She earned two master's degrees in education and instructional design and this field never ceases to provide her with new challenges and surprises.


Mariana believes in using alternative approaches to bring  knowledge to different learner communities and likes to think out of the box to create learning environments that are both effective and fun.

Barnaby Ruhe

Board Member

Barnaby Ruhe is an American artist, academic and six-time world champion boomeranger. As an artist, Ruhe, a professor at New York University, Gallatin school of individualized study, is best known for

his painting marathons, otherwise known as endurance feats. 

Barnaby holds doctorate degree in shamanism and art practice, an interdisciplinary effort combining psychology, anthropology, art history, phenomenology, and art studio action. He was senior editor of Art/World newspaper in the 1980s and 90s and wrote the first New York City reviews for Francesco Clemente and the Starn Twins, as well as essays on Francisco de Goya, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, and Joseph Beuys.


Ruhe currently serves on the board of Artists Talk on Art. A romantic artist at Abstract Expressionism and

Portrait and Figure and TextArt, he incorporates sentiment, gesture, and psychic journeying in his paintings, and he runs shaman healing workshops at Shamandome Camp at the Burning Man festival each summer. 

​Galina Shekoff

Board Member

Galina is a 1993 cum laude graduate of Baruch College CUNY with major in accounting.  She received her CPA license in 1997. Galina is a member of AICPA.  She currently works as a Controller for ATA Enterprises - NYC Real Estate Company.


Prior to Baruch College, Mrs. Shekoff obtained her bachelor's degree in engineering in the former Soviet Union. She used to work as an estimator in construction industry.


Having 2 grown children and 5 beautiful grandchildren, Galina takes education very seriously. Galina has a small home-based tax practice and offers private bookkeeping classes.


Mrs. Shekoff loves children, gardening, traveling and photography.

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Advisory Board Members

Arzu Mountain Spirit

Arzu Mountain Spirit is a plant medicine woman, traditional health care practitioner, life coach, and wisdom-keeper on the healing practices of the Garifuna. Descended from a lineage of matriarchal Garifuna healers, she offers teachings and travels the world sharing knowledge on the spiritual and healing properties of sacred medicinal plants. She is CEO of the Mountain Spirit Wellness Community and Founder of the Wagiya Foundation. To learn more about Arzu's work: www.arzumountainspirit.com

Dave Miller

At age 6, Dave sold coffee and popcorn at the ballpark across the street.  At 12, he went door-to-door with cukes from his first garden. Next was a 6-year long recycled bicycle business and onto being a radio host and then community organizer.


From EarthMovers Drum Collective Circles to Body Harmonics vibrational healing modalities, he facilitates many wonderful community programs across NJ and beyond. The culmination of his work is the annual Touch Mother Earth, a sustainable solutions-based event that takes place in Washington, NJ. You can contact Dave at TouchMotherEarthEvents@gmail.com


Dave also manages pages on Facebook including:
Touch Mother Earth Community where Tribes, Scribes & Vibes meet!
Touch Mother Earth Events Page
Body Harmonics

Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual Earth practices into her transformational programs.  She  is a Shamanic Healer initiated in the Eastern European Tuva Lineage and is studying for a Master's Degree in Process Oriented Psychology.


For the last 15 years she has also been practicing Dzogchen Buddhism and Qigong with master teachers. Having recently returned to the States after working in Costa Rica as the Director of a holistic addiction rehab center, she is now serving on the East Coast as a transformational coach, therapist and family constellation facilitator. She is also the founder and director of Ursa Major Travel Club, leading spiritual travel adventures around the world. "The Art and Science of Transformation has become my career and my passion. I am honored to assist others on this path with my knowledge, vision, and experience.” More info at TERRApia.org   

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