Our Mission


Antinanco is committed to preserving traditional and indigenous knowledge, and providing public access to education beyond the classroom walls through nature experiences, hands-on projects, and environmental conservation projects.  

We involve children, youth and community groups in environmental, conservation and reforestation projects, and provide education, resources and stewardship to maintain the integrity of the Northeastern woodlands. 

We teach practical earth-based skills, arts, cultural and food sovereignty and security, mindfulness, peaceful dialogue and emotional empowerment. We provide and promote all types of education about the Earth, its inhabitants and  ecosystems, educating about the impact of our actions on the surrounding environment. We support local and indigenous communities through education and direct relief, both financial and in-kind.

Our Intent and Partners

Antinanco lives to serve our greater relationship with Nature. Our fundamental intent is to treat Nature and its ability to flourish as the highest wealth attainable, and to celebrate, respect, and preserve this. As such, we look to support and partner with friends, community groups and organizations that share a similar stance.

From time immemorial, people from Earth-based traditions practiced ways of living with Nature that not only provided for all of their needs, but also enhanced the fertility and biodiversity of the ecosystems around them. We strive to learn from and help to preserve these traditions as we believe they hold the solutions we need to help heal Earth today and for future generations.

We do our best to avoid partnering with or supporting any organization or entity that causes harm to the balance of Earth and its inhabitants, or takes unnecessarily from the Land for profit.


While we understand that in the society of today, we use products that come from industries like mining, chemical manufacturing and animal exploitation, our organizational model does not allow us to partner with such industries.


We instead intend to focus our attention and energy in ways that will help to keep our beautiful home thriving for future generations, while recognizing the Land and all of its life are sacred.