April 1, 2020

Capturing and using the renewable energy has been a challenge for many years. Advancements of the last decade have propelled the renewable energy industry to become a major market player. As we improve one of the components we are often pulled back by the need to advance one or more components they interact with. So it is important to look at a complete system when evaluating its advance, safely and usability.

One of the main aspects of the renewable energy is an ability to generate electricity. It can be done by harnessing the sun’s energy, by converting the forces of wind and water, and even fire. The solar panels and wind/water generators are getting more efficient,...

Yesterday marked Antinanco Earth Arts School’s 5th Anniversary!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph A. Resch as Managing Director, and the election of three new members to the Antinanco Earth Arts School Board of Directors and Advisory Board. New board members include Delwin Fiddler Jr., Jeff Inti Keim and Bill Pfeiffer. We also welcome our new staff members, Akinyele Karade and Maria Ragonese. Please visit About Us to get to know us better, and reach out to say hello. We love connecting with all of you, that is what our work is all about.

2019 was a big year for us. The year was filled with environmental projects, tree planting, children programs, intern...

February 29, 2020

With the rise of video games, social media, and streaming television, it’s harder than ever to get kids outdoors. However, this excess screen time and limited outdoor play come with serious consequences. Nature-Deficit Disorder is on the rise and causes issues ranging from anxiety and depression to obesity and muscle imbalances. Here are some ways the whole family can get the heavy dose of nature they need to live their best lives:

Understanding Nature-Deficit Disorder

No More "Nature-Deficit Disorder"
Study: Kids Who Spend Time in Nature Become Happier Adults

12 Reasons Why Your Kids Need Playground Play

At The Park

50 Fun Things to Do Outside With Kids as a Family

Hiking wi...

“All good things are wild and free.” -Henry David Thoreau.

I want to go to this retreat because it is a way for me to escape from my day to day reality. My schedule is crazy with dance, school, and different after school clubs. Going to the Rue Farm calms me down and keeps me centered. I feel at peace with myself and one with nature. Every morning when we meditate, I remember how simple life should be and how simple it is at that very moment. I love the smell of damp, cool air in the mornings as the smell of burning sage lingers throughout the farmhouse. Going for walks down to the pool with new friends after breakfast, and sliding down the side of the hammock everyday w...

November 5, 2019

Wars start every single day, just from differences in religion, culture, or ethnicity. Conflicts, disputes, and even wars can grow from disliking other cultures and religions. Most people know me as just a fun, caring person, and I purposely do not  get involved with politics and such. However, with all of the drama and such going around, it’s very hard to ignore it. Everywhere I go on social media, whether it’s Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, or even just Google, articles and news reports are everywhere about conflicts and our nation’s government. I personally do have an opinion on all of these politics, but I hate to share it and to argue with people about it.