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Neurographica Web-Art Class for Kids

In this class, we explore a new artistic realm by practicing drawing basic elements and creating actual objects with the goal of acquiring basic skills for all future workshops. 

Conflict Resolution, Playful and Effective Method

Conflicts are scary and uncomfortable. Conflicts are like a fire. They can burn us and our relationships. We don't like them. But conflicts happen anyway. Can we avoid them ? Can we prepare for the conflicts? Can we win the fight? Can we save the friendship and good relationships?

Dina Ostrovsky presents some examples of common conflicts and playful methods to research conflicts and to transform the conflicts into a discussion. Those methods can help us to move beyond, to maintain good relationships and to learn from the conflict.

Recommended Age: 12+


Understanding Human Rights through Fairy Tales

In this class, we investigate some of the basic human rights and abuses through an overview of a few popular fairy tales, and have an interactive moot court. Recommended Age: 9+

Healthy and Gentle Detox Cooking with Eleina Pomerants

In this session we learn basic, easy to make, Ayurvedic dish called "Kitchari" and about its healing properties.

Basics of Electricity, Understanding of Alternative Energy Sources with Alex Shekoff

Understanding the basics of electricity - how do we use, where does it come from and how to measure it. Overview of Alternative Energy Sources. The class includes a discussion and an interactive exercise. Suitable for children age 10+ and adults.

Power Animal Workshop for Kids and Adults, with Barnaby Ruhe

A brief lecture on how to enter the door to the source followed by a drumming journey. Feedback by Dr. Ruhe, questions and answers. 

Financial Literacy for Kids and Adults, Path to Abundance, Money and Accounting, with Galina Shekoff, CPA

We discuss the concepts of abundance and success, how to assign value to things, barter economies, money as a financial tool. We also go over the concepts of income, revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities. For Children age 11+ and adults. 

Presentation on the Wisdom of the Bees and the Importance of Pollination

David and Amanda of Amanda's Bees


Family Constellations - Interview


Power Animal Workshop

with Dr. Barnaby Ruhe


Presentations on Eco -Literacy, Childhood Vaccinations, Resolving Family Conflicts and Conscious Parenting

During Antinanco's 2016 Annual Benefit

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