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2023 Art Contest - Elders in Nature, Elders in Our Life

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First Place and Prize of $100: Flower Meadow by Viola R. 

Second Place and Prize of $50: Grandma Praying, by Elizabeth S. 

Second Place and Prize of $50: My Grandpa, by Lotus M. 

Third Place and Prize of $25: Hum of the Boughs, by Vivian K. 

Third Place and Prize of $25: Cactus Grandma, by Julianna S. 


First Place and Prize of $100: 100 Year Old Oak, by Zsofia L. 

Second Place and Prize of $50: Grandpa Fishes, by Jessica S. 



Theme idea: Elders in Nature, Elders in Our Lives. Whatever this means to you - 

  • maybe something you notice about the elders in your life

  • or something about the elders you know from books or fictional characters

There is no limit or constraints to the source of elder being depicted in your work

Media: The artwork can be done using chalk, ink, watercolors, paints, markers, crayons, pencils or digital media. 

Include: A title and description, or a list of observations, or facts, story, legend, or other interesting information. This information can be included as part of the artwork or sent as a separate attachment.

Ability Level: All ability levels and ages are welcome to participate. Entries will be judged on creativity, style, passion, originality, reflection of the theme, informational content. The skill level is NOT one of the criteria.  


Nine winners from three categories (children, youth, adults) will be selected. Cash prizes: First Place: $100. Second Place: $50. Third Place: $25. There will be one First Place, one Second Place and one Third Place prize in each of the three categories. The winners' artworks will be published on the Antinanco Earth Arts School website and social media channels.

​1. The Artwork should be one page in size. Include the following information as part of the artwork: (1) title and description, and (2) facts, story, legend or other interesting information about your artwork.  The information can be included as part of the artwork or sent as a separate attachment.
2. Include your name and contact information.  Minors should also include age, parent/guardian name, parent/guardian email address for notification, and a letter signed by the parent/guardian stating "I certify that the work submitted was created by my child (your name) and is completely original. I grant Antinanco Earth Arts School the right to use my child's name, creative work and visual image in their publications, without recourse."
3. Scan the artwork with a letter from your parent/guardian giving "permission to publish" your artwork (if applicable), and save as an Adobe or JPEG file.
4. Submit the artwork by email to under SUBJECT: ART CONTEST

5. The public voting period runs from April 1st to April 10th, 2023.  All works will be posted on Antinanco Instagram account @Antinancoorg. Each contestant will receive up to 3 additional votes for public Instagram votes, 1 for every 10 likes.

6. Winners will be announced on April 15th, 2023 via email and on this page. Prizes will be mailed within two weeks of the announcement. 

The Contest is offered as part of Antinanco's mission to serve our greater relationship with Nature, preserve and follow Earth-based traditions, and honor the plant-human connections. 

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