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dotta project

dotta project is an apparel collection inspired by traditional textile art of Central Asia, Russia and the Balkans. It operates as a social enterprise, working with artisan collectives and individual masters to create handcrafted colorful garments. Majority of these artisans are women that live in the emerging economies with very little entrepreneurial activity. At the heart of the project is a simple motto “playful aesthetics with serious ethics.”


Founder: Sasha Bromberg


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Amber Connection

Amber Connection is a passion, art, people, events... It started in 2004 with an idea and love for baltic amber. Urszula Abolik created a company and a small store selling her favorite jewelry pieces. From the small store the place grew to a space where people could not only shop, but also have some coffee, glass of wine, sell their art, connect, learn, dance... Amber Connection is now a store/boutique where you can find a lot of unique amber pieces, hand made clothes designed by Urszula, and also art by local and non local artists, paintings, dance tango or take a workshop.


Founder: Urszula Abolik




DeyaFelt is a local New York-based  artisanal shop offering one of a kind handmade creations out of fine merino and silk fibers.



Founder: Deya Tiktopulo

Contact: DeyaFelt 


Marina Grigoryeva

Marina's creations are inspired by various cultures, colors, feelings, moods, smells and tastes. She describes her textile art as a weaved tapestry of various strings that are, in essence, is a mixture of all senses infused by a spark of a creative desire "what would happen if" imprinted at a certain moment when she wants to share that memory, melody, idea, in a form of what she enjoys doing best and most: sewing, weaving, knitting and experimenting with colors in various methods and  ways that can be achieved.  Marina loves using natural dye and eco-dye to the fabric, it is a whole magical process and the results inspire her every time. 


Contact Marina:

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