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Plants and Practices of Boriken (Puerto Rico) and Turtle Island (USA)

Feb. 12th -13th, Holmdel, NJ 


Throughout history, people of the Earth have worked with the great healing power of plants and medicines, knowing that Mother Earth can provide us with all physical, mental and spiritual strength that we need. We invite you to join us to immerse in some of these practices during this weekend. 


Sat. Feb. 12th, 11am - 12:30pm - Plants, Plant Medicines and Plant Stories of Boriken

Medicinal plants of Boriken (Puerto Rico), traditional applications, stories.
An interactive workshop and discussion. 
With Ivonne Reverón,
Finca Martinete 
Fee: $25. Click Here to Register. 

Sat. Feb. 12th, 2pm - Ancestral Plant-Based Foods of Boriken class and dinner

Interactive workshop preparing foods with traditional plants and grains of Puerto Rico and learning about history of tubers and why they are consumed. We will then enjoy dinner together. Our menu will include quinoa with greens and herbs, sauteed vegetables with "recao" and "oregano brujo" sauce, and malanga " Pastelón."
Included also are a short recipe book of ancestral recipes, rituals, and prayers
to feed the soul. With Laura T. Dávila Ralat, Green Kundalini
Fee: $65.
Click Here To Register.

Sat. Feb 12th, 6pm - Herbal and Medicinal Teas of Turtle Island, Stories and Tea Time 

During this offering, we will work with Native plants of Turtle Island, learn about their superpowers, blend and sample teas, and share stories. Included are winter tea pouches for participants to take home.  With Olga Sher, Antinanco.  
Fee: $35.
Click here to Register. Light snacks to compliment tea are welcome.   

Sun. Feb. 13th, 1pm - Fun Healthy Pastries of Puerto Rico

We will make Rice "Majarete" and coconut kisses, sing songs, drink tea, and discuss healthy substitutes in cooking and baking. A box of delicious healthy treats will be provided. W
ith Laura T. Dávila Ralat, Green Kundalini. 
Fee: $37.
Click Here to Register.

Sun. Feb. 13th, 5-7 pm - Sahumador Workshop 

We will explore the history and elements of Sahumadores and learn how to work with its medicine. We will also discuss the role of the woman as Sahumadoras and work with plants and resins for Sahumador. We will then perform a ritual of lightning our personal Sahumadors. The workshop includes a hand made clay Sahumador with Taino symbols for each participant, a mix of plants and resins from various cultures in the Americas and charcoal.  With Ivonne Reverón,
Finca Martinete
Fee: $85. Click Here to Register.  Potluck is welcome. 

Please email us at under "Boriken" if you are interested
to attend multiple workshops. Discounts are available. 

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