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My cousins, Horse Chestnuts and Ohio Buckeyes look similar in appearance, but it’s easy to tell us apart if you pay attention. Please note that their seeds are not edible like mine, and it is important to know how to distinguish us.

Compare my leaves to the Horse Chestnut and Ohio Buckeye leaves. The buckeye leaves are usually grouped together in a fan of five. A horse chestnut tree has a rounder shaped leaf, and the leaves group together in a fan of about seven leaves. Look at the casing the chestnut is wrapped in when hanging on the tree. My chestnuts are wrapped in a spiny case that is called a burr. The spines are long and fine.  If it is an Ohio buckeye, the outer casting has many thick, knobby spurs. A horse chestnut’s shell resembles the Ohio buckeye’s but it does not have as many spurs. 

Which of these belong to me?

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