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Crochet for a Cause - Yarn Initiative 

The Story - Trisha Miller's Crochet Circle

Trisha Miller and her circle of friends knit and crochet blankets, hats, scarves and shawls in their free time to donate to charitable organizations.  For many years, their donations went to World Vision as they had a nearby drop-off point in NJ, where Trisha could conveniently drop off donations.  Once that drop-off point closed, in order to continue donating, they would have to ship the items to a new location.  Being retired and on a fixed income, Trisha and her friends could not afford the extra shipping expense in addition to buying the yarn, so they began to keep an eye out for other organizations that might need/accept their donations.​

In November 2020, Trisha's sister in-law Mary, a long time friend of PAZA's Director of Administration, Maria Ragonese, reached out to offer these hand-made treasures.  At the time, PAZA and its sister organization, Antinanco, were collecting warm clothes and winter gear for the Turtle Island United Project, and when they saw the colorful array of hand-made items, both organizations knew their indigenous relatives would receive these gifts with gratitude and open arms.

Since then, Trisha and friends have made hundreds of hats, scarves, blankets and shawls that have been distributed to Native Communities and Homeless Camps across Turtle Island.  

How You Can Help

At this time, we are collecting yarn (wool, cotton, acrylic) for the Trisha Miller's Crochet Circle, to help them make more hats, scarves, blankets and shawls for the Native Communities and Homeless populations in need of warm clothes. Yarn can be sent to: PAZA, Tree of Life,  1005 Mitman Road, Easton, PA 18040.

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