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Meeting Information:


On your designated day(s) (Thur, June 2nd and/or Fri, June 3rd), we will meet everyone at 9am at Bayonet Farm in Holmdel, NJ.  The address is 41 Middletown Rd, Holmdel, NJ 07733. 


Our coordinators will wait for you in front of the big red barn. After you enter the farm and take the 1/2 mile-long dirt road (the only road leading from the entrance), you will see the barn in front of you. You cannot miss it. There are two parking lots on both sides of the red barn, you can use either. 


The Day Flow:


The day will begin with an introductory orientation. We will then break into groups to clear trails, collect trash and debris and plant trees. We will take a lunch break from 12pm to 1:30pm. You can either pack your lunch or visit one of the nearby places. If you are not very local to the area and need some recommendations, please let us know. 


What To Wear and Bring: 


Thus far, both days are promising to be very warm (in the 80s) and dry, but it's too early to tell with certainty. In the event we should see some sporadic/light rain, we will still go forward with the event. In case of a heavy rain and wind, we will cancel, in which case, we will let everyone know the day before.  


We suggest that you wear layers appropriate for the weather, sturdy shoes/boots and a hat for sun protection. NOTE that there is a good amount of poison ivy on the property, so we strongly recommend wearing long pants and sleeves. 



Also, PLEASE SUBMIT the consent form prior to the event:


Food and Water:


Please pack your lunch (unless you will be visiting a nearby lunch place) and plenty of water.  


Our Coordinators and Contact Numbers: 


Alex Shekoff, Jacob Neary and Karlos Edmonds. If you need to contact us on the day of the event, please call Alex at 917-838-4688, or Jacob at 908-902-6716. Feel free to call me at 917-685-1223 at any time before the event if any questions come up.

We WIll Be Giving Out Seeds and Seedlings To Take Home: 


We will have the following seeds and seedlings available free of charge: 


- Eastern Persimmon, American Paw Paw, Common Apple Tree.

- Wildflower heirloom seeds

- Pawpaw seeds (Please bring a small container for pawpaw seeds) 


To Learn More About Our Environmental Conservation Work: 


Native Food Forest Restoration 

American Chestnut Revival Project

If You Wish To Support Us, You Can Do Via This Link

100% of the proceeds go to support the Native Food Forest Restoration and American Chestnut Revival programs




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