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The Hopi Second Mesa Geothermal Greenhouse Build


The Geothermal Greenhouse installation is taking place at the Pa'angni community center on Second Mesa, AZ. The project is done in collaboration with Pa'angni, Global Tribe Initiative, Jon Buchalter's team, Antinanco, and PAZA.

The objective is to integrate greenhouse crop production in the Hopi community to allow the people to grow additional food crops, bring sustainable farming solutions, increase farming production and income, and help Hopi people become more self-sufficient.

The Greenhouse will be partially buried underground for the most optimal geothermal effect, making the walls of the greenhouse largely protected from wind that accelerates heat loss. This will also create a highly insulated environment that does not lose heat from radiation through the walls either. Because the top and upper panels of the greenhouse will be exposed, there will be enough sun.

The Greenhouse kit has been purchased from a Nebraska-based company, Greenhouse in the Snow. Since 2013, Greenhouse in the Snow has sold over 150 greenhouse of this design which are currently successfully operating in different parts of the country, producing year-round fruit and vegetables. In 2020, the Greenhouse in the Snow designs were also licensed in France and Canada, and greenhouse kits are now available for sale on those countries.

We Welcome Friends and Communities to Participate

The Project is currently underway, and friends' and communities' support with tools, seeds, hands and funds is very much welcome and greatly appreciated. For more details, please email under Subject "Hopi Greenhouse."

Current Developments in Pictures


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