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JAPAN - TRAVEL LIKE A LOCAL a program for adults, October 17th-27th, 2020


Educational and Cultural Immersion, History, Ancient Arts, Eastern Philosophies,  Interactions with Local Communities, Nature Explorations


Enrollment is Now Open  


Submit prior to 5/1 to receive Early Bird Discount of $100

(web-interviews in May and June)


  • Airport pick up and drop off 
  • 10 days and 9 nights, staying in capsule hotels, hostels and traditional guesthouses 
  • 3 delicious meals a day included (some will be communal dinners in traditional settings, some on the go, some prepared by us together)
  • All in-country transfers and transportation (including bullet train) are included 
  • There will be some free unstructured time to explore attractions and to simply rest and reflect 
  • Note: Our time in Tokyo will be just one day. Anyone who is interested to experience Tokyo longer is welcome to stay independently after the end of the Program

Trip Highlights 

  • Immersion in Japanese Culture and History from the perspective of a megapolis and a small village 
  • Walking explorations of Gion district life, hidden spots, experiencing history of Kyoto  
  • Attend traditional kabuki performances/Miyako dances
  • Visit temples, shrines, historical streets, food markets 
  • Along with local teachers and community, learn calligraphy, woodblock printing, the art of textiles and kimonos, visit local masters 
  • Shojiin Ryori cooking workshops and  Zazen practices of Buddhist monks, talks and meditations 
  • Stay in one of the top Onsen villages and experience healing spring water bathing along with scenic beachside views
  • Nature explorations of Izu Peninsula - walks and hikes along the picturesque Jagosaki coastline, suspension bridges and hexagonal volcanic columns. 
  • Hike around the crater of Mt. Omuro, an extinct volcano with 360 degree panoramic views of Izu Peninsula and Mt. Fuji
  • Experience modern wonders of Tokyo


  • Day 1 (Oct 17th) - arrive in Kyoto in the afternoon or evening. Introductions, overview, dinner. Light walk around Gion District. Settling in.  
  • Day 2 (Oct 18th) - Kyoto - Gion, Temples and Shrines. Ryozen Kannon Temple. Hidden spots, food markets, history.  
  • Day 3 (Oct 19th) - Kyoto - We spend the afternoon at Nijo Castle and Ninomaru Gardens, a UNESCO world heritage site. A class on the reign of Tokugawa Iemitsu.   Traditional kabuki performance/Miyako dance performance at night.
  •  Day 4 (Oct 20th) - Kyoto - Fushimi Inari. Waterfalls, ancient Buddhist prayer sites. Discussions on Shinto mythology and traditions. In the evening - independent explorations. 
  • Days 5, 6 and 7  (Oct 21st-23rd) - Kyoto - Iwata - Ito.  We will spend these three days in Iwata, collaborating with and learning from local community - workshops, meetings, projects, discussions, learning, communal meals together and lots of fun. On the evening of Oct 23th we go to Ito, Izu Peninsula.
  • Days 8 and 9 (Oct 24th and 25th) - Ito. Nature explorations. Walks and hikes along Jagosaki coastline, suspension bridges, hexagonal volcanic columns, shrines, climbing Mt. Omuro volcano. Beach time.  Bathing in Onsen natural springs.
  • Day 10 (Oct 26th) - we go from Ito to Tokyo. Woodblock printing workshops in Tokyo, sightseeing, tours around Asakusa neighborhood, free time.
  • Day 11 (Oct 27th) - back home.  Those of us who wish to stay longer in Tokyo are welcome to do that. Antinanco guides will be happy to provide recommendations and lodging suggestions.  Private tours for additional fee are also possible. 

Dates and Fees

Oct 17th - Oct 27th, 2020
Application Fee: $65
Tuition: $2,650 (*airfare is not included)
Application process opens on April 1, 2020. Early bird discount of $100 is available until May1, 2020. Application fee is refundable if enrollment in the Program is not granted by Antinanco Earth Arts School. Interviews are conducted in May and June of 2020.  First payment of $1,500 is due by June 1, 2020.  The remaining balance is due by August 1, 2020.  Payments are not refundable after July 1, 2020. 
Important Things to Note:
This is an educational program and not a luxury or touristy tour.  Some accommodations will be communal or shared and very comfortable.  Participants are encouraged to participate in program projects and communal meal preparation. The environment will be fun, friendly, interactive and collaborative. That said, there will be enough time for independent explorations, meals and solitary reflections.
We require all participants to demonstrate proof of medical international or travel insurance prior to the trip. Trip cancellation insurance is also advised. 
Airport pickup and drop off is for the program dates indicated. You may choose to arrive early or stay late, where you will be responsible for your transportation arrangements. Antinanco guides can help you arrange this. 
Passport - your passport must be valid 6 months after your date of travel into the country. 
Visa - there are no visa requirements for the US residents and citizens traveling from the US. If you are traveling from a country that requires a visa when entering Japan, you should start the process as soon as possible after signing up. 


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