Awareness in Nature "Signs of Spring" Program - Mt. Tammany, NJ

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Come celebrate the Land as it breaks free from its Winter hibernation! We will be looking for signs of the plants and animals waking up as we explore the habitat of Mt. Tammany on our first nature program of the season, while also exercising our bodies and awareness in Nature. The program will include hiking, foraging, plant and wildlife identification and discussions.

The program will take place along the trails and peaks of Mt. Tammany and Dunnfield Creek, NJ, which is a protected native trout habitat. Mount Tammany is the southernmost peak of the Kittatinny Mountains in Warren County, NJ, and it is stunning during this time of year. We will have our lunch on the mountain top.

Our day will include a good amount of hiking which will take about 3-4 hours. We will gain about 1,197ft of elevation along the way. Difficulty is moderate for experienced hikers, and difficult for inexperienced hikers.
Recommended Age:
We recommend age 12+ for novice hikers, and 7+ for kids who are accustomed to outdoor physical activities, enjoy hiking and can observe all safety requirements. All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

What to Bring:
Comfortable closed-toe shoes (sneakers/hiking shoes), a small notepad and pen, lunch, protein snacks, at least 2 liters of water, foraging bags, binoculars (if you have).
Full gear list, directions, instructions and forms will be sent one week before the event.

We will meet at 8am sharp. The parking lot fills up very quickly and is sometimes out of space by 9am.
Group size: up to 20 people

Fee: $35 per person, $55 per family.
Email for family-rate invoice.

Our Guides hold CPR, First Aid, Wilderness Medicine and Archery Instructor certifications.
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