Forest Sisters Gathering, April 30th - May 2nd, Emmaus, PA

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Dear Sisters,

We are coming together for our traditional 3-day spring gathering in the woods to connect, nurture ourselves and create magic.
Among the weekend highlights:
- Resting, Sharing, Red Tent Circles, Art Creating, Singing Bowl and Soul Sync Meditations, Ancient Labyrinth and Womb Practices, Sweatlodge, Sacred Fires, Power Animal Drum Journeys, Working with Plants, Journaling, Dancing, Singing and Cooking together.
We will be situated on a secluded woodland property in Emmaus, PA amidst acres of greenery and with access to the wild water spring. Spring water is from an underground river and terrific. Please do not bring bottled water.
The Land is Sacred, it is a home of many nature dwellers, plants, ancestors’ spirits, paintings and sacred altars. “The trees and crickets are terribly interested in who you are, as are the stones glaring at you with conviction. Are you back yet? Back to Pleistocene consciousness where the nature ambient is your nest and pillow, where the tree moves to you for your hug." – Barnaby Ruhe
The accommodations are primitive and comfortable. We will have an indoor and outdoor toilet available, an outdoor shower, a kitchen and a cozy common room with a fireplace. Principles of self-reliance and communal support apply. Leave no Trace. Pickup MOOP (matter out of place), leave with your own trash. Bring your toilet paper and biodegradable soap, towel, sheets, mats, sleeping bags, tents. Wood gathering for communal fire. We will cook our meals together.
Sleeping space is available in the common area of the farm house (bring a sleeping bag), or bring a tent.
FOOD: Will be provided - organic, local, vibrant - to feed our light bodies.

Daughters and grandmothers are invited at discounted admission. Families and groups - sliding scale. Email at with any questions.

PARKING: Ride shares and efforts to split rides, tolls and gas are encouraged.

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