As part of our 2018 Community Initiative, we are offering FREE online classes during the months of March-May.  All classes are live, interactive, suitable for children (check for recommended age in each class) and adults, and are offered twice a week, on Tuesdays at 8:30pm est and Saturdays at 9:30am est.   

Apr 14th, Sat, 9:30am - Financial Literacy for Kids and Adults - Budgeting, Tracking Money Flow, Loans, Interest, Simple and Compound

with Galina Shekoff, CPA

We will discuss keeping a budget, spread-sheeting, tracking money flow, loans, interest and compound interest. For Children age 11+ and adults. 

April 17th, Tue, 8:30pm - Animal Communication

with Lynsay Spencer

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your pet’s head? When they are looking deep into your eyes, seemingly trying to tell you something? Wonder no more! Animal communication holds the answer.

April 21st, Sat, 9:30am - Understanding and Applying Solar Energy for Domestic Needs

with Alex Shekoff

How to properly define your electrical needs and to capture, store and use solar energy for your needs. The class will include a discussion and an interactive exercise. Suitable for children age 10+ and adults.

Apr 24th, Tue, 8:30pm - Discover your Creative Flow through Neuroart

with Margarita Schwartzman

Neurographica is the great method for adults and kids to create beautiful artwork with no drawing skills required. We will be learning various modalities of Neurographica that address multiple aspects such as harmonizing relationships, working on limitations, expanding positive view on self, and much more. Every class will be addressing one particular modality. Kids ages 7 and up can participate together with parents to learn creative aspects of Neurographica and work thru their own goals.

May 1st, Tue, 8:30pm - The Power of a Smile

with Lynn Noble

A smile gives people permission to open up to you! It is an invitation for connection. No matter what you look like or what culture you encompass, a smile is really the light from within us that we all share. Join Lynn as she shares her adventures, photographs and wisdom that will inspire you to embrace your smile and let your light shine!!! Children age 5+ and adults are welcome!  

May 5th, Sat, 9:30am - Fungal Life Cycle

with Sonia Horowitz

Did you know that the mushrooms we see out in the woods are only a very small part of the actual living organism that is a fungus? Learn about what fungi are, what they do, and how they grow in this introductory class on the life cycle of fungi. All ages are welcome!

May 8th, Tue, 8:30pm - The Power of Manifesting

with Lynn Noble

Since the beginning of time, there were ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things. These people understood that the greatest creative power comes from within. Lynn will share with you, three simple but powerful principles along with activities, that will inspire you to create and enable you to manifest your dreams!!! Children age 5+ and adults are welcome!    

May 12th, Sat, 9:30am - Fungal Anatomy

with Sonia Horowitz

Gills, pores, stipes, caps....what does it all mean?! Don't worry, this class will tell you. All ages are welcome!

May 22nd, Tue, 8:30pm - Dreams as a Resource

with Dina Ostrovsky

When we pay attention to our dreams, they can become our best advisors, giving us great insights, showing us new creative ways to resolve our life tasks and problems. The webinar will include a presentation of how to turn your dreams into a powerful resource, and a group discussion.

May 26th, Sat, 9:30am - Labyrinths: History and How To Use Them in Your Life

with Michelle Levy

Learn about the history and symbolism of labyrinths. What is the difference between a maze and a labyrinth? Learn two or three classical labyrinth shapes. Make your own finger labyrinth to trace for relaxation and wish fulfillment. Children age 12 + are welcome to participate. Please come prepared with pencil and notebook.

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Access Code for each class will be posted in the below calendar 48 hours prior to that class   
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Galina Shekoff, CPA
Galina is a 1993 cum laude graduate of Baruch College CUNY with major in accounting. She received her CPA license in 1997. Galina is a member of AICPA. She currently works as a Controller for ATA Enterprises - NYC Real Estate Company. Galina has a small home-based tax practice and offers group and private classes on financial planning, accounting, bookkeeping.
Barnaby Ruhe, PhD
Barnaby is an American artist, academic and six-time world champion boomeranger. As an artist, Ruhe, a professor at New York University, Gallatin school of individualized study, is best known for
his painting marathons, otherwise known as endurance feats.

Barnaby holds doctorate degree in shamanism and art practice, an interdisciplinary effort combining psychology, anthropology, art history, phenomenology, and art studio action.
Urszula Abolik
Urszula received her BA degree in elementary education and pedagogy at Teachers Training College in Radom and University of Jan Kochanowski in Kielce, and also studied elementary education at Cedar Crest College. Pedagogist, art navigator, she is the owner of Amber Connection in Emmaus, PA, a shamanic healer and explorer, and a dedicated mother and friend. Changing community through art is her aim.
Lynn Noble
Lynn is an author of "Let the Spirit Move You”, poet, photographer, wife and mother. As an actress she was in national commercials and guest hosted on QVC. She taught commercial acting and filmmaking to children and teens. Her TEDx talk on "The Power of a Smile," is an inspiration for everyone. She speaks at businesses, schools and universities.
Olga Sher, Esq.
Olga is a 2003 magna cum laude graduate of New York Law School, where she was a member of the New York School Law Review. Olga serves as Associate General Counsel for a New Jersey-based company specializing in financial products. Olga co-curates Nature Spirit Libraries Community Project, building free outdoor libraries for public parks.

Olga lives in Holmdel with her husband and their two children. She is actively involved in charitable educational incentives.
Sonia Horowitz
Sonia is a homesteader, forager, and artist living in Mason, WI. She is passionate about inspiring families and individuals to safely and respectfully get out and explore the natural world. Along with online education, Sonia also enjoys live learning presentations both locally and at events such as this year's Midwest Women's Herbal Conference where she will be leading two fungal forays.
Margarita Schwartzman
Margarita is a Program Manager working at a major insurance company for more than 15 years. Her career in the financial institution has been interwoven with her extensive spiritual studies and work.
Alex Shekoff
Alex has background in the early days of IT when computers were still a novelty. With passion for outdoors and advanced tech, exploring solar and other options for off-grid living was a logical option. Alex built many off-grid-tied and grid systems.
Dina Ostrovsky
Dina Ostrovsky weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual Earth practices into her transformational programs.  She  is a Shamanic Healer initiated in the Eastern European Tuva Lineage and is studying for a Master's Degree in Process Oriented Psychology.
For the last 15 years she has also been practicing Dzogchen Buddhism and Qigong with master teachers.
Lynsay Spencer
I went to the University of Akron and studied Spanish and Special Education. Although my life led me down a different path, I have often been able to use my language skills to my advantage. As a member of the National Forensics league (NFL is the umbrella for competitive public speaking in high school and college and encompassed coaching), I competed at the college level and also coached High School Speech and Debate for many years.
Eleina Pomerants
Eleina Pomerants has been a practicing dental hygienist for 17 years. Throughout her career she has learned how nutrition affects the body and not just the mouth. She has been watching her patients devour tons of harmful medication without getting any education in nutrition from their physicians.
"It's heartbreaking to watch and I am finally taking action. I would like to share a wealth of information that I have acquired over the years with help from friends, family, and education.
Anoush Mardjanian
She is an adventurous naturalist whose interest in woodworking, wood/bone carving, wood-burning, wool-spinning/feling, fermentation, science, drumming, belly dancing, herbalism, writing and paleoethnobiology has lead her to carve the uncarvable, spin the unspinnable, dye the undyable and keep mastering her wide spectrum of skills as part of her everyday life.
Michelle Levy, MA
Michelle is a book editor and writing teacher in New York. She teaches at Westchester Community College, Wainwright House, and more. She is also an environmental educator at Sheldrake Environmental Center in Larchmont. Her interest in labyrinths came about through using the labyrinth as a tool for coping with labor during the birth of her two children. It has since become a hobby to visit walking labyrinths around the world.
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