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Paint Your Future Bright

International Art Convergence for Kids


We believe that NOW IS THE TIME to expand education beyond the classroom walls and rethink the learning framework in order to raise responsible global citizens who will feel confident and adequate to stand up and represent the rights of our planet, nature, ecosystems. Children have become tiny cogs in the education system machine where their success is measured via fractioned curriculum and test-driven pressures. We are raising funds to expand the definition of the classroom and provide education based on a far more tactile, tangible and interconnected model with tools necessary to bring real solutions and alternative resolutions to the global issues that we now face as the society at large – aggression, terrorism, isolation, consumerism, materialism, disengagement, lack of positive role models, addictions, depression.

This summer, we are taking our first pilot group of children from Cuba, Poland and US to the ancient landscapes of Swietokrzyski Mountains, the oldest mountain ridge in Europe.  The mission of our trip is to bridge our differences, blend cultures and paint the future where all of us can co-exist peacefully.   

During our 10-day adventure we will traverse rich territories of Poland’s mountains, caves and salt mines,  immerse in the rhythms of local folklore art, history and languages through interactions with local people and international teachers, stay and paint projects in the Indian Village in the Cielce region, visit Aushwitz, the cities of Warsaw, Cracow and Kielce, historical monuments and castles.


WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this a reality.  WE NEED YOUR HELP to help us break the walls and transform the illusion of divisiveness. WE NEED YOUR HELP to provide our children with tools that will help wake up the poet, the artist, the leader, the activist, the visionary inside of them.  WE NEED YOUR HELP to help them paint a new picture of the future taking into the account not just the human and equal rights, but planetary rights of the Mother Earth and All Relations.

Our Program: (July 5-15th) 

  • Days 1-2 - landing and meeting in Warsaw, visiting old castle and old town

  • Day 3 - traveling to Kielce - Swietokryski Mountains, the oldest mountains in Europe. Visiting the old town and touring the art school for young people.

  • Day 4 - Kielce region - visiting the oldest cave, Jaskinia Raj and climbing/hiking the Swiety Krzyz mountain.

  • We will be staying in the Indian Tipi Village near Kielce

  • Days 5-6 - trip to Cracow - Salt Mine, Auschwitz Concentration Camp, the biggest Old Town in Europe, hospital for terminally-ill children

  • Days 7-8 - Tatry Mountains and folklore art. Working with the mountain people, creating folklore art with them. Trip to the highest point - Kasprowy Wierch, walking to Gubalowska Mountain.

  • Day 9 - back to Warsaw. Dairies, sharing circles, more art, interviews,

  • Day 10 - Back to the US and Havana

Meet The Team


I want to take everything we do with teenagers, from the cultural, personal, spiritual perspective and make it happen so they know other cultures and may have different points of view to continue creating. That will give you a lot in your personal life, and in general (Cuba)


I would love to go to Poland with Antinanco because of the wide range of culture I will be experiencing in one country (USA).



My dream is to travel the world. And I am excited for Poland to be the first of many countries I will visit in the future! (USA)


I have a commitment to children because we are part of what they will be in the future. We want to make our contribution so that their culture grows, so that they are better people and professionals (Cuba)

 We Are Grateful to Our Friends, Sponsors and Supporters

And As Part of Our Trip:

Open Forum Conference


World Peace

Warsaw, Poland

July 6th, 2018, 7-9pm

with Honorary Speakers:

Phoebe Legere


Tomasz Kozlowski

Click Here to Learn More about Tomasz Kozlowski's Project100

to help disabled children



I want to take this international group of teachers and students to Poland and be their host because i would love to witness what kind of changes this trip will bring into their lives. I know our group will take it, absorb it and develop it into something special and later share it with others. Our first trip is small. But i believe that with small steps we make milestone changes (USA/Poland).


I want to excel in music, learn about the history, culture and idiosyncrasy of other places, meet new people. Also i would like to let them know what we do in our country (Cuba).



I want to know a new culture and how they learn in another country, new places, new experiences, and other languages, in addition to sharing what I have learned in my project (Cuba).


When children are taken into mountains, allowed to run around barefoot, when they are given brushes and paints - magic happens. When children from different countries sit together around a fire - the planet becomes a better place. That is our humble task here - we are simply changing the world (USA).


I am honored to join this international Peace through Art mission. The Arts break down walls. Art transcends the borders that divide us. Art is the finest expression of our shared humanity. Art is a Spirit Bridge that connects souls across time and space. I am delighted to join this initiative as an Art Teacher and Aesthetic Ambassador (USA)


It is my dream to travel to different countries and experience all that they have to offer. Poland here we come! (USA).


I aspire to meet new people and learn more culture. Art is big for me. Also first time to know other country (Cuba).



I am a musician, I always feel that one of the best way to feel and to transmit the culture and art is to share it, I want to travel to Poland because I want to transmit one of my lesson of art and to show my Cuban music to the new generation (Cuba).


I want to go to Poland because one of my dream is to share my traditional Cuban "culture" with the beauty of the new generation in Poland, my art, my folklore and all my gift to show them and to transmit it from my heart (Cuba).

Barnaby Ruhe

Katrin Spiess

Paint Cans
Watercolor Paints
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