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Reclamation of the Earth-Based Practices 

Program and Details





6pm - Welcome, Set Up.

Intro Circles, Intention Setting, Gratitude, Housekeeping, Communal Dinner and Fire. 


10am - guided tour of the Land. (Dear volunteers, please be on time for this).

11am - Opening Ceremony with Nganga Akinyele Onisegun Karade of Get Healthy Stay Fit.

11:30am - Young Vivian Kluth performs Whispers, a song-prayer to deepen our connection with life and All Relations.  

12:00pm - Educational Workshops on the Importance of the American Chestnut Tree, biodiversity preservation, and what we can do to contribute with Joseph Arnold Resch (American Chestnut Revival Project Coordinator), Yannick Neveux and Mariya Chechina (reforestation experts).

We will be spending the afternoon planting the American Chestnut Trees and companion plants.  

At night - Gratitude Ceremony, Potluck, Bonfire and Drum and Dance with Dave Miller of Touch Mother Earth and EarthMovers Drum Collective.


10am - Morning Qi Gong practices with Cheryl Lupa Glover of Touch Mother Earth and EarthMovers Drum Collective.  

11:30am - Lakota Grass Dance by Delwin Fiddler, Jr. of Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, to bless the trees, and honor the ones who came before us

12pm - One Earth Song Performance by Renard Cohen and Brian Van Korn of One Earth Song Project, and a discussion about the Project and its support for the Earth.    

Making and Woodburning Tree Tags.

Continuing with planting, tagging and naming the trees, Citizen Scientist Project - recording observations

Lunch, Bread Baking and Breaking, Closing Reflection Circle.

Clean Up, We break the camp at 4pm.

FEE: $160 Full Weekend with meal option, or $100 with no meals.

FREE admission for all American Chestnut planting VOLUNTEERS and scout groups on Saturday, Nov 16th from 11am to 5pm (pre-requisite - participation in educational webinar about planting and recording observations).  Daily admissions are possible, see the main page. Children under 5 are free. Half price for children age 5-14, email for discounted invoice.   


Bring your own food (healthy and sustainable, ready to eat, no plastic please), or participate in our meal option. Our meal option ingredients are local, sustainable, organic, non-gmo. We strive to support and promote local small businesses and farmers to the extent we can. During the weekend, we will have two dinners, two lunches and two breakfasts. The meal option will include simple and healthy options such as soup, sandwiches, salads, vegetable medleys, oatmeal, eggs, grilled chicken, fruit, herbal tea and coffee. $25 per day (Sat and Sun), or $60 for the entire weekend

Water - clean tap water from a well on the Land is available. Please bring a drinking container. There is a also a stream, for those bringing filters.  


Staying overnight -  either camp (bring a tent); or sleep in a communal area of a historic 200-year old house (with some later additions by the park founder). Bring a sleeping bag. $20 pp donation to the park. 


Please remember that this is Sacred Land. All principles of Radical Community and Self-Reliance apply.  So - Leave no Trace.  Pickup MOOP (matter out of place). Leave with your own trash, all of it. Bring your toilet paper and biodegradable soap, towel, sheets, mats, sleeping bags. Full kitchen for food storage and preparation will be available.

PARKING:  Ride shares are encouraged. All coordination is based on self-responsibility.  Post your offers in our FB event.   Make an attempt to split rides, tolls and gas.   

ADDRESS AND DIRECTIONS- Columcille Megalith Park, 2155 Fox Gap Road, Bangor, PA 18013 


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