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 Art By Jim Yellow Hawk 

 Antinanco has partnered with PAZA, Tree of Life, our First Nations, and Partners for Native Nations of Turtle Island to form "Turtle Island United."  Our first concern is to provide relief to acute COVID-19 issues that have hit Native American communities hard as a result of Indian Country's economic exclusion and resultant chronic health issues. Our long-term goals encompass community wellness in the areas of economy, health, food sovereignty and security. A big part of Turtle Island United is focused on helping communities to create clean water solutions and food growing initiatives for the future, while integrating nutritious foods, traditional plant medicines, and preventative measures into everyday life now.  A specific focus of this initiative is on the needs of elders. It is key to understand that while acute issues may be the main emphasis now, the effort does not loose sight of the future goal of the communities' overall wellness.