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 Antinanco has partnered with PAZA, Tree of Life, our First Nations, and Partners for Native Nations of Turtle Island to form "Turtle Island United."  Our first concern is to provide relief to acute COVID-19 issues that have hit Native American communities hard as a result of Indian Country's economic exclusion and resultant chronic health issues. Our long-term goals encompass community wellness in the areas of economy, health, food sovereignty and security. A big part of Turtle Island United is focused on helping communities to create clean water solutions and food growing initiatives for the future, while integrating nutritious foods, traditional plant medicines, and preventative measures into everyday life now.  A specific focus of this initiative is on the needs of elders. It is key to understand that while acute issues may be the main emphasis now, the effort does not loose sight of the future goal of the communities' overall wellness.  

Upcoming Webinars

Nourishing Your Garden with Vermicomposting - with Denee Bex 

Wed April 7th

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST


* About Denee Bex's Work * Why Compost * What is Vermicomposting * How to Set It Up, Demonstration of Worm Bins * How To Select and Feed Worms. * How to Use Vermicompost in the Garden * Native American Gardening Stories  * Q&A 

Presenter:  Denee Bex is a Registered Dietitian and advocate for healthy traditional diets and home-grown foods within Native American communities. She can be reached at Denee.Bex@gmail.com


JOIN VIA ZOOM:  https://zoom.us/j/95121079162

Ancestral Music and Ritual Instruments of Ancient Peru, Music Story for Adults and Kids - with Dante Ayala Poma

Wed April 28th

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST


*  About El Viaje del Caracol (Journey of the Snail) band. * Traditional instruments of Ancient Peru  * The Ancestral Stories of Indiginous Peoples of Peru through Music and Ancient Instruments, and The Instruments' Role in Ceremony and Rituals. * Music Animal Story Demonstration.  * Q & A

Presenter: Dante Ayala Poma is a musician and builder of ethnic Peruvian pre-Hispanic and world musical instruments. Dante's passion for instruments began with his exploration of various instruments and sounds, as well as discoveries of indigenous cultures' stories through these sounds. Dante performed in a band "Palo Santo," fusing rock with didgeridoo and berimbau, and then with "Aboriginal," where he worked with a range of tribal instruments. At present, Dante's music merges ancestral instruments with modern ones, such as Mitos and Raizes. He studied with Shivanat Mishra, the master of Sitar in Benares, India, and with Nogon Shumarov in Russia, Altai, studying Vargan (Boca Harp).


Dante performs at temples, museums and cultural centers, and offers Didgeridoo workshops in different languages. He can be contacted at: Danteayalapoma@gmail.com


JOIN VIA ZOOM:  https://zoom.us/j/92635944684

Webinar Recordings

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