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As part of the Turtle Island United and Native COVID-19 Response Campaign, Antinanco, PAZA, Tree of Life and Native Hope are continuing to provide essential resources to the Great Sioux Nation communities in South Dakota to address health, wellness and food security needs to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, and to prepare the communities for the winter season. On this page, we provide informational sessions on in-home sanitation, key preventative wellness measures, integration of nutritious foods and supplements into every-day diets to improve health and wellbeing of the people, and instructional webinars on traditional food-growing and medicine-making practices.  We thank the AMB Foundation and Taubert Memorial Foundation for making this initiative possible. 

Upcoming Webinars

Wasauksing Hunting-Gathering-Fishing Practices  - with Naa'kwe (Noon Day Woman) 

Wed Feb. 10th

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST


*  History of Wasauksing hunter-gatherer-fishing practices * About Naa'kwe's work * Hunting and Fishing stories  * How we can preserve traditional knowledge and pass it on  * Q&A and group discussion

Presenter: Brittney-ann Achneepineskum Pegahmagabow (married name Brittney-ann Musgrave) is from Wasauksing First Nation, a little island known as Parry Island, Ontario on Georgian Bay. Brittney-ann's native name is Naa'kwe (Noon Day Woman) as she was born at 12:00pm right on the dot. She is a Warrior Woman who speaks for her people who can't. She is a hunter, a fisher, a gatherer. Naa'kwe loves teaching younger generation about the Wasauksing ways of life and of who they are as aboriginal people. Her teachings are about why the people hunt, gather, fish, dance, and most importantly, why they live off the land. Naa'kwe's vision is to start her own classes to teach these topics and share them with the people who do not have access. 


JOIN VIA ZOOM:  https://zoom.us/j/92028759950

Indigenous Birthing and Birthright, Traditional Perspectives - with Arzu Mountain Spirit  

Wed Feb. 24th

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST


*  Giving Birth in Our Traditional Modality is an Indigenous Right * The Way in Which We Enter The World Sets The Tone For Our Stay on Earth  * Indigenous Midwifery * The Roles of Mother, Baby, Midwife, Plants and Ceremony in Birthing Process * About Arzu Mountain Spirit's work * Q&A and group discussion

Presenter: Arzu Mountain Spirit. Dr. Arzu is a plant medicine woman, traditional health care practitioner, life coach, and wisdom-keeper on the healing practices of the Garifuna people. Descended from a lineage of matriarchal Garifuna healers, she offers teachings and travels the world sharing knowledge on the spiritual and healing properties of sacred medicinal plants. She is CEO of the Mountain Spirit Wellness Community and Founder of the Wagiya Foundation.

To learn more about Dr. Arzu's work: http://www.arzumountainspirit.com/


JOIN VIA ZOOM:  https://zoom.us/j/93328962933

Memories of Wounded Knee: Healing Hearts & Scared Land - with Jim Standing Bear Wheatley and Debbie Day

Wed March 10th

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST


*  History and Memories * Stories by Debbie Day, descendant of the Wounded Knee Survivor * Healing from Trauma and Healing the Land * Acknowledgements, Memorial, Tree Planting Project * Q & A


Presenters: Jim Standing Bear Whitley was raised in Oklahoma, and he is from the Comanche and Choctaw Nations. Jim spent 20 plus years working for Ford in Marketing. Sales and Logistics, and many of his techniques were adopted by the company. ​ Jim’s heart has always been for his Native people. He remembers as a young boy seeing the poverty-stricken communities, and vowed that someday he would be part of the solution. Jim kept that promise through his life by using his knowledge and skills to provide for those in need. The tragic death of his son in 2016 strengthened his resolve and commitment to fighting drugs and alcohol abuse, suicide, and human trafficking on the reservations. Jim's priority is to bring hope to the youth through creating programs that support these initiatives. He also passionately serves and honors the elder communities, as he believes that it is their wisdom/knowledge of traditional ways that will carry forward the next generation of Native Americans. ​ Jim is a fully-adopted member of the Cheyenne/Arapaho Tribe, Chickasaw Nation, as well as the Mini Cou Jou Lakota Sioux. This is a testament to his walk with Creator as a true Warrior following the Red Road in service to his Native people.


JOIN VIA ZOOM:  https://zoom.us/j/99559590200

Indigenous Ethnobotany, Food Sovereignty, Traditional Medicines and Food Processing - with Linda Black Elk 

Wed March. 24th

6:00 PM CST

7:00 PM EST


* About Linda Black Elk's Work *  Indigenous Ethnobotany  *  Food Sovereignty               

* Traditional Plant Medicines * Food Processing * Ferments * Tips on small practical things to integrate into everyday lifestyles to stay strong during COVID-19 and beyond

* Q&A and group discussion

Presenter:  Linda Black Elk is an ethnobotanist and food sovereignty activist with roots in Korea, Mongolia, and Turtle Island. She spends her time teaching food sovereignty skills at United Tribes Technical College and walking the prairies of the Great Plains with her husband and children, who are citizens of the Oceti Sakowin.


JOIN VIA ZOOM: https://zoom.us/j/93118211172

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