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To'h Ni'li' - Water is Flowing
Bringing Running Water to Navajo & Neighboring Homes - Solar Energy Solutions

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The To'h Ni'li Project is a joint collaboration among Accomplis, Antinanco, and K'eh Native Action. Since 2020, the group, together with the larger network of Turtle Island United partners, has been assisting the Navajo people and their neighbors with clean water solutions.  The Navajo Nation's access to clean running water is affected by the lack of infrastructure, absence of comprehensive governmental policy, and uranium waste from abandoned mines. Up to 40% of households in remote parts of the Navajo Nation have no access to clean running water at home and use externally-installed 55-500 gal drums or barrels.  Some Navajo live on 10 gallon of water a day, which is equivalent to 2-3 toilet flushes (most Americans use 100 gallons a day). And some lack even the most basic external water drums, relying on friends and neighbors for water delivery. Housing lacks properly-functioning utilities, plumbing, or source of electrical power.  The lack of clean water has left the Navajo languishing in poverty and being disproportionately affected by water-washed infections like COVID-19. 

To'h Ni'li' - Water is Flowing Project offers a solar-based solution that brings pressurized running water into households from an external water source, which can be integrated into household plumbing or be used as a stand-alone solution.  

We invite friends, partners and supporters to participate in this initiative. With questions and proposals, please write to

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