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Children, Nature, Books - Here is What We Are Up To

Nowadays we often see that children’s mindsets are influenced by fractioned and departmentalized education styles with reading being regarded by children as a mandatory in-class activity with little or no practical application or engagement in post-reading integrative practices.

Technology is gradually replacing children’s desire for reading, and affecting the quality of language, interpersonal communications and emotional responses.

Antinanco Earth Arts School, in collaboration with its friends and community of parents, teachers and grassroots workers, is embarking on a project to encourage children and families to take their learning and reading beyond the classroom walls.

This summer, together with KidBilt, Be Light Living, local children and families, we will be constructing, decorating and installing Nature Library Houses in the parks of Holmdel and Jersey City. The libraries will be built with reclaimed wood and upcycled materials. They will be free and open to the public at all times.

Please support our project by making a donation. Every dollar will go back into the community.

If you are interested to receive updates and help us build the libraries, sign up for the updates Here.

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