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Traveling to Poland this Summer

“I want to be able to share the place I come from, just like I would share a piece of fresh Polish bread.” ― Sana Szewczyk, Under a Ginkgo Tree and Other Stories

Indeed, both bread and natural treasures of Poland are not easy to erase from memory. After our last summer’s explorations, we have decided that we must go back.

The Summer of 2019 trip will be filled with art, music, sightseeing and outdoor adventures. Among highlights are the visits to the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork (the largest castle in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the picturesque old town and port of historic Gdansk. When outside of the cities, we will kayak down Krutynia River, stopping overnight at riverside cabins, and bike through seaside trails of Hel Peninsula (Półwysep Helski), a 35 kilometer-long finger-like split of land that juts out into the Baltic Sea from the northern coast of Poland.

While we originally intended for this trip to be for middle- and high-school students, we ended up expanding it to adults after multiple requests. As we have learned from our past traveling experiences, there is much fun and educational value in multi-generational interactions, with deep mentorship bonds oftentimes being formed in the process.

The group will also be multi-cultural, as Antinanco is once again sponsoring artists and musicians from Cuba to join our group. We expect to have much fun with inter-cultural interactions and music improvisations on the road.

To learn more about joining the trip, please visit our website: Antinanco Earth Arts. Early bird enrollment discount applies through 2/1/19.

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