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Gabriela's Sail & Learn Essay Submission (2019)

I think certain skills are completely necessary: survival, courage, compassion, creativity, and bravery. The best way to learn is through practice. I believe these are necessary skills to have throughout life, to have the fullest potential of your life. It is important to be bold and unique and try new things and be yourself.

I think you can learn these things by practice, patience and perseverance and most of all not to give up. I learned these skills from my past experiences at the football, school, Anthony Robbins, Landmark programs, and Antinanco girls retreats.

This past fall season, I learned from playing football that I have to step out of my comfort zone and to be brave. My workouts were required every day after school. They were rigorous as I had to run many laps, learn plays, and to get respect as the only girl on the team from coaches and teammates. I had to show up to games when it was raining and cold. I also raised the most money for the team by selling the Viking team’s items by knocking on many doors in my neighborhood.

In school, I learned to be myself by not caring what other people think about me. For example, I joined chorus to sing positive music. I also have been participating in Student Council to help make my school a better environment.

At Anthony Robbins and Landmark programs, I learned to empower myself. The most powerful experience was to get through my fear and walk on hot coals. I also received information how to stay in peaceful state.

In the girls retreats, I learned survival skills such as how to fish, and how to cook it. I also learned how to whittle, and how to camp properly without getting Lyme disease. I am looking forwards to learning more skills at the Antinanco School such as sailing.

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