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Gavin's Sail & Learn Essay Submission (2019)

I believe there are some very important skills that everyone needs to have in order to navigate through their future and the society of tomorrow.

1. Good Communication Skills-I believe that communication skills are key in life and in learning to interact with others. We need to be able to express ourselves clearly and kindly in order to have good life experiences. Along with good communication is boundaries.

In order to have healthy boundaries, we need to communicate what we are comfortable with and what is not for us.

This is very important, to speak up for what we believe in and to express what is right.

  1. Collaboration- it is important for people to understand that to find effective answers for problems or challenging situations in life, it is necessary to know how to collaboratively solve problems with others. Not everyone has ALL the skills to solve all problems, however if they learn to respect that working with both like minded people and people who have different ideas and backgrounds, it will enable them to truly get great things done. This is also known as teamwork!

  2. Living Simply with less -We are all capable of living with less material things. Kids should be taught from an early age that if you want one more toy, you must give away one to an orphanage or any less-privileged child. This trains us for adulthood, to know that we don’t need many material things to survive or to make us happy. Living simply is smarter in the long run.

  3. Ability to Create - any artistic skills that a person has the aptitude and interest to pick up must be encouraged. This can be drawing, doodling, painting, knitting, building, writing etc. To create something new with our hands and minds is a skill and a gift that can see people through any stressful and lonely situations in tomorrow's society as an adult. Also, to share these gifts with others is very important. To teach them or to share your skills with others.

  4. Saving - Always save 10% of money you make. This is a tip I learned from my parents. I would like to be financially independent, but I do think that we should choose to do what we love doing, rather than just go after a career that pays well. I would like to travel and see the world someday. So, saving would be a smart way to eventually fulfill this dream.

These are some traits I consider important and some habits I hope to work on as I grown older.

I believe in respect, bonding with and having relationships with people across cultures and religious backgrounds.

We need to work together in order to make the world a better place.

I hope that I’m able to fulfill these wishes and more.

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