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Fighting Nature Deficit Disorder: Getting Kids Outdoors

With the rise of video games, social media, and streaming television, it’s harder than ever to get kids outdoors. However, this excess screen time and limited outdoor play come with serious consequences. Nature-Deficit Disorder is on the rise and causes issues ranging from anxiety and depression to obesity and muscle imbalances. Here are some ways the whole family can get the heavy dose of nature they need to live their best lives:

Understanding Nature-Deficit Disorder

At The Park

Ultimately, it’s all about setting a good example. By finding fun activities you can do with your kids, you can foster a lifelong love of the outdoors. The myriad benefits of spending time in nature will follow your kids through their childhood, teens, and into adulthood.

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Jenny Miller and Stop NDD work to end Nature-Deficit Disorder (NDD). Their goal is to encourage people of all ages to engage with the beauty of nature as often as possible and appreciate the great outdoors.

Antinanco Earth Arts School works to preserve traditional and indigenous knowledge, and provides public access to education beyond the classroom walls through nature experiences, hands-on projects, multi-generational mentorships, cultural exchange programs and environmental conservation projects. ​

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