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We Are 5 Years Young - Year in Review

Yesterday marked Antinanco Earth Arts School’s 5th Anniversary!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph A. Resch as Managing Director, and the election of three new members to the Antinanco Earth Arts School Board of Directors and Advisory Board. New board members include Delwin Fiddler Jr., Jeff Inti Keim and Bill Pfeiffer. We also welcome our new staff members, Akinyele Karade and Maria Ragonese. Please visit About Us to get to know us better, and reach out to say hello. We love connecting with all of you, that is what our work is all about.

2019 was a big year for us. The year was filled with environmental projects, tree planting, children programs, international explorations and community gatherings. Aside from rewarding work, we also had much fun and community celebrations. Among some of our big projects and accomplishments were:

  • Seven nature retreats where children and families had a chance to learn about plants, wildlife and engage in building and environmental projects

  • A series of hands-on classes for special needs children in Middletown, NJ

  • Over 100 American Chestnut Trees planted in NJ and PA, a tree that is currently functionally extinct

  • Educational and cultural exchange with The Manabiya Organization in Japan with the goal of bringing greater diversity in education

  • Partnership with the Wagiya Foundation of Belize and collaborative work with local Garifuna people on farming and ethnobotany projects

  • New partnerships and working relationships with many like-minded organizations, including Columcille, Inc., The Land Conservancy of NJ, the Graver Arboretum, PA, and Tropic Forests.

  • Over $11,000 in scholarship awards and $7,000 in local community organizations support distributed

We are now moving into our new cycle with renewed energy, deep passion and even stronger commitment to continue our work. “During the next few years, I see Antinanco offering even more opportunities for hands-on learning while deepening respect for nature and each other. We will grow together at a natural pace, while finding new ways to celebrate and preserve the diversity of life and culture in the future” states Joe Resch, Antinanco’s Managing Director.

We thank all children, families and contributors for supporting our work through the years, and hope to see you soon!

Much Love,

Olga Sher, Board Chair

Antinanco Earth Arts School

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