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Beat the Indoor Blues with These Activities

During these difficult times, it can be challenging to entertain and engage your kids while they’re stuck inside. Here are a few ideas for fun, educational online activities for kids who have to stay indoors due to coronavirus.

Drawing and Craft Projects

Whether your kids have natural artistic ability or not, there are plenty of online drawing lessons that will let them get started or explore their abilities further than they already have. Just make sure to have plenty of paper and pencils on hand so they can draw to their heart’s content. Online lessons are especially good because there’s no time limit for your kids to complete them.

Music Lessons

While this one may be a little tough for parents to endure thanks to the endless repetition of notes, time inside will give your kids a good chance to practice their musical instrument with online lessons. An abundance of lessons is available for just about any instrument you can think of - here’s a list of at least 30 different sites. Some lessons are paid and some are free. You can also find recorded lessons and instructors who will teach you live online through webcams, even if you want to learn the bagpipes. Have your kids pick a couple of instruments they are interested in and they can get started. You may even be able to check instruments out from your local library so you don’t have to invest in the instrument until you know if your child will stick with the lessons.

Exercise Videos

One of the best ways to occupy kids who have the energy to burn because they have been cooped up all day is through YouTube exercise videos. You can find several videos such as silly songs that get kids moving and exercise routines that can help build fitness. You can also keep your kids active through kid-friendly video games that promote movement. For example, the Just Dance 2020 game can accommodate up to six players, so your kids can crank up the volume and jump around the living room like crazy. Exercise is great for kids’ development anyway, so you’re killing two birds with one stone as you let them watch and move.

Science Activity

A good science experiment is always fun to brighten up an afternoon. Making magic milk involves milk, liquid dish soap and food coloring. You might see an explosion of colors that might just rock you and your little science nerd’s world. You can explain the results to your kids, too.


Here’s a fun idea — gather the kids all around you for an impromptu storytelling session. You can have each kid participate by providing part of the story. Then put them all together to see what you end up with. At the end, wow your kids by telling them a good story you have practiced ahead of time. They’ll be impressed!

While spending a lot of time indoors can be difficult, it’s actually a chance for your kids to pursue activities they may not normally slow down enough to appreciate. Just be prepared with the necessary supplies and they may stay occupied all day long. And who knows, you may even get a good story out of it!

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Jenny Wise is a stay-at-home parent to 4 beautiful children who home-educates her children along with her husband, and shares resources with the parenting community through her website,

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