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Jan. 10th, Sun,  5pm mst, 7pm est - Traditional Ways for Strong Mind, Body and Spirit in COVID-19 Era - Conversations with Bitahnii Wilson and JoAnn Whiting 

Feb 5-7th - Winter Nature Retreat for Boys (13+), Emmaus, PA

Feb. 20th, Sat, 11am - Traditional Dreamcatcher Making and Stories, Holmdel, NJ

Turtle Island United is a collective project with PAZA, Tree of Life and Partners for Native Nations to support Native American communities' cultural and food sovereignty, help preserve traditional knowledge, and provide direct relief.   


American Chestnut Project 

Games, Educational Materials and Resources for Kids

Our Memberships and Certifications

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We offer live and web-based educational experiences, sharing circles and community service projects for children and adults. These range from one or multi-day programs to support a broad spectrum of objectives, from acquiring an additional set of skills or experiencing new environments, to engaging in studies as part of academic curriculum. We also provide apprenticeship programs led by children. Traveling programs are also offered. 

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