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International Programs

Belize, Summer 2020

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Learning Expedition - Environmental Studies, Landscape Restoration, Watershed Management, Indigenous Cultures, Rainforest Ethnobotany   

Japan, Summer 2020

High School, College Students 

Culture and Nature Explorations, Community Service Trip

Poland, Summer 2020


International Cuban-Polish-US exchange, Community Service, Jewish Heritage, Nature Explorations. 


Georgia Country, Summer 2020

Middle School, High School, College Students 

Nature Explorations, Mountain Climbing, History, Culture, Disappearing Arts, Community Service 

Japan, Fall 2020


Cultural Immersion, History, Ancient Arts, Eastern Philosophies,  Interactions with Local Communities, Nature Explorations

Our Safety and Risk Management Systems


To best prepare participants for travel with us, we use a variety of tools to set clear expectations about the program


 We maintain 24-hour emergency contact system and are in close contact with the staff at each project area

STAFF Qualifications

Several of our field staff are certified in Wilderness First Aid and trained on how to respond in case of an emergency 


We adhere to the Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice and continually monitor global risk and security


We follow Risk Assessment and Management Plan that sets forth emergency response protocols and contingency plans

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