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Bee Action Pollinate

Dear Friends, as you may know, Antinanco Earth Arts is very involved in promoting all forms of learning

about pollinators’ health and wellbeing, and educating about the pollinators’ impact on our health, ecosystems and natural resource stability.

We have become very involved because we realize that the difference between a theoretical activism and actionable activism always comes down to the direct action taken by the local community, where the benefit of the learning and funds raised goes right back into the community 100%.

On July 30th, we are holding our Bee Action Pollinate Fundraiser event for children and families, and we hope you can join us. We will have educational presentations by local beekeepers, observation hives, discussions, candle rolling activity and refreshments served.

We will be raising funds to purchase a professional beehive scale to help our bee colony to stay healthy. The scale will allow us to monitor the hive weight fluctuations through the year without disrupting the bees needlessly, giving evidence of important factors such as brood growth, honey flow, winter honey stores and swarming. The scale is equipped with the device that logs the weight of the hive and sends the data to the cloud using low-energy Bluetooth technology. The data will then become freely accessible to public and to our students in order to learn, graph and examine the terms demonstrating health or distress in the hive.

We are now reaching out to you, our friends, and asking if anyone has:

  • A business to promote

  • An item to donate

  • A friend or relative who would be willing to donate a service or product

We are seeking sponsorships and monetary and in-kind donations to support this important cause. It takes a village, and you happen to be ours. Here are the ways how you can participate:

1. Buy a ticket and join us in the fun 2. Make a tax-deductible donation of $10 3. Support us by buying our "As Local As it Gets" honey or beeswax candles 4. Sponsor a family to attend the event and get a jar a honey 5. Get sponsored and attend for free 6. Donate a prize, basket, art piece, books or a gift card valued at $20-100 for our Raffle. You will receive a tax deductible certificate and recognition for your generosity on our website and social media pages with links. For further details and to participate, please visit our Fundraiser Page:!bee-action-pollinate-fundraiser/c1rly

With Love,

Olga Sher and Antinanco Earth Arts Team

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