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End of Summer Travels

Our EarthArts Mobile is going on the road again, and we are along with it! Tomorrow we are heading to the Lake George area to enjoy nature walks and swimming. From there, traveling north to visit Kroka Expeditions School in New Hampshire. Then, off to Maine, to roam around its picturesque harbors and explore the abundance of marine life along the coast, meet beautiful communities and travel through Acadia National Park. We will then head back, making a stopover at Tobyhanna park PA, to join our friends in the end of the season festivities.

The EarthArts Mobile is now equipped with the rain water collection system and solar energy technology, thanks to Captain Alex’s hard work, so we will have an opportunity to experience the real off the grid living this time. We also have a self-made solar oven, that our 11-year old made during his “Rebuilding After the Zombie Apocalypse” scientific experience this summer, and we are hoping to utilize it, along with a primitive kitchen for our foraging, mushroom and fish harvest along the way.

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