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Drum for Earth, Pray for Water

Today, the premise that our Earth is a living and breathing organism is still awaiting acknowledgement in the courts of law. But the fact that ecosystems have the inalienable rights to be and strive is beyond question by any system or government. The Earth and water and sky long for our wisdom; for us to take the responsibility to defend and enforce these higher laws; to not rob our grandchildren of the opportunity to live in the place free of chaos and destruction.

At Standing Rock, many are answering this call now, in a profoundly human way to end the destruction and protect our home and our children. What is happening there now is affecting all of us and we must learn from it to stand in solidarity, create a space for the voices to be heard, speak up for the rights of life givers, for the land, water, air, generations to come. Without them, we have nothing.

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