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Thanksgiving message from the Tree Spirits

For a long time, we have been very patient and observant, trying to comprehend the energy of the humanity and how it is manifesting through the cycles that are occurring on the Earth now.

We, the tree beings have always been known for our ability to connect our energies together in order to survive, to connect our root systems to sequester the water, to work together to supply oxygen, for you. We are the Standing People. We are the Ancients.

We call upon you today to open your hearts, to accept love, and to share our love that we hold with you.

Look at us and learn how to create a nurturing network of flowing energy and magnificent radiance that will strengthen the life force of your beings, and those of your grandchildren and the Earth tremendously. Hear our calls. Work together with us. Protect the water. Unite. Spread love, wisdom and compassion. Create the legacy for your grandchildren.

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