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End of the Year Reflections - revisiting our mission

We believe that NOW IS THE TIME to expand education beyond the classroom walls and rethink the learning framework in order to raise responsible citizens who will feel confident and adequate to stand up and represent the rights of our planet, nature, ecosystems.

Children have become tiny cogs in the education system machine where their success is measured via fractioned curriculum and test-driven pressures.

We are determined to expand the definition of the classroom and provide education based on a far more tactile, tangible and interconnected model with tools necessary to bring real solutions and alternative resolutions to the issues that we now face as the society at large - isolation, consumerism, materialism, disengagement, lack of positive role models, addictions, depression.

Now is the time to bridge traditional boundaries of the segmented education and remind our children of the unlimited opportunities, possibilities and tools that are available to them to wake up the poet, the artist, the leader, the activist, the visionary inside of them,

to remind them of the liberty and responsibility that they have to design their own future, taking into the account not just the human and equal rights, but planetary rights of the Mother Earth and All Relations. That we are a new nation that can stop the exploitation of the Earth and Humanity.

Our classes, programs and projects utilize a wide range of the genres of expression, arts, music, stem-based methods uniting the creative spirit, scientific mind, human heart, and spiritual nature.

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